Due Late February When Are You Planning Your Shower

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jessielouwho - October 8

Hi, I am due 2/25 and I'm not sure when to have my shower because of the holidays. I was thinking between Thanksgiving and Christmas, that would make me 30 weeks, but it's such a hectic time of year! Then I was thinking the 2nd week in January that would make me 34 weeks. My biggest concern here is being a burden, it is like the most inconvenient time of year as far as money goes and I'm asking for gifts. I've talked to a few people about it and they said I shouldn't think that way but I can't help it.


Emy - October 8

At first I was thinking to have it in mid January (around 35 weeks) and then I heard someone mention early December. I think that might be the best bet for us....


denise - October 8

I am due 2/22/06 and we are having my shower november 6th. I want to avoid the holidays and if i wait until January I have to worry about the weather. I also want to be able to put things together without my belly getting in the way. The work shower the girls are throwing me is November 20th. I agree with you that people don't have the money around the holiday's and that's why I'm doing it before. I know that sounds bad but nobody seems to care that I'm having it early. I think by having it early too you will be prepared for the things you still need and will have enough time to go out and get them before the baby arrives.


al - October 8

Denise..i am due on the 22nd too! i'm not sure if my shower is going to be a surprise or not. My mom asked me if I cared..but i don't care. whatever is convenient for everyone. If I had to pick though, I would want it in November


kendall - October 9

my mom is having mine around jan 14th so its after the holidays after the hectic part im due feb 18th


jessielouwho - October 10

Thanks ladies, I guess I just don't want to have it too early because people will be there that I only see once or twice a year and I'd like them to see me really big! Guess I still have a time, I'll have to sit down with my mom and sister and go over these ideas. Thanks again.


March_Mommy06 - October 10

I am due March 28 and we are doing my shower in December, that way all my friends and family can come down from Michigan :)


Ava - October 10

I'm due the 19th. I'm having my shower December 9th. Avoid the holidays. People go out of town, etc.


C - October 10

i'm due 2/20 and i think the shower is in the beginning of december. i didn't want to wait until mid-january considering i don't know how big i will be and i want to be able to enjoy myself.


Sara - October 10

I'm due on feb 1st and just this last weekend my mom throw a suprise baby shower for me. It's kinda up to you when you want to have it cuz you still need time to ge tthe things that you haven't gotten yet and you never know what you will get.


melissa - October 11

I am due 2/26 and I having my shower Dec 10 -- someone pointed out to me that people are often tapped out of cash after the holidays, plus the general post-holiday letdown. January and especially mid-Jan seemed too late -- most people I know had their showers around the 7th month or so.


Erin - October 11

I was thinking of doing November, but it's already October and I'm just barely showing. I want to be showing more for the shower! It's going to be out of town though so I don't want to make it too close to my due date just in case I go into labor!



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