Due March 30th Anyone Else Do Then Too

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~Terra - November 8

I'm getting ready to start my 5th month, at 19wks, 6days.. I had an ultrasound and they're pretty sure it's a girl... I just want to share my upcoming pregnancy stories with ladie's who have a due date around the same time as me... For support, questions or answers. this is my second child..


erin - November 9

I wonder why no one's responded...but I only saw this post today. I am due March 25 with my third. How are you feeling, Terra? Right now my belly feels pretty big, but I think I'm measuring ahead of my dates. Other than that I think I'm doing alright.


Jessica - November 9

I think the reason no one posted is because there is a post called March mummies and a few more. I am due March 28th and have posted to the other ones. Just thought I would let you know!!


Lisa D - November 9

I am due April 1st, this is my first and I too am expecting a girl (the ultrasound was pretty convincing!). I would love to share the balance of our term together if you want to email I will respond. My email is [email protected]


Michelle - November 10

Hello ladies, I am due March 24th - 26th (gyno and hospital have different opinions, but hay, the little one will arrive when he/she is ready I suppose. . .:o) I'm 22wks this saturday, have had very bad morning sickness, but have felt much better recently. Now I just can't seem to sleep though. This is my 1st baby, I'll be 30 next month. I live and work in Paris, France. The only funny story I have so far is this "I went to the gyno recently, she put the thing on my stomache to listen to the heartbeat. . . please note she spoke in French the whole time. I'm trying my best to follow the conversation when I suddenly heard her say '2 heart beats, listen carefully. . .' I then jumped and panicked, thinking yay, 2 heatbeats, = 2 babies. . . but no, my boyfriend laughed so much at me, she was just saying, obviously, that there were 2 heartbeats, the baby and mine. . . ' Just goes to show my French is not as good as I thought. . . he he x


Preggo - November 10

Lisa... I too am due April 1st ..... we are half way through now ....yeah!!


Preggo - November 10

Oh ...and we're having a girl too... She will be the 1st (grand baby girl) girl born on my side of the family . My sisters all had boys and are past the age of child birth.


mls - November 10

hi Terra. my due date is march 28. this is my 2nd as well. feeling good. stomach is getting huge. we're not finding out the s_x.


Terra - November 10

Hi girls, Finally someone responded! I'm starting to feel quite a bit bigger, by the week it seems.. I wonder if I'll be bigger this time around, now that this is my second...mls- what was your first? I was curious to find out, but they're not 100% sure, but now that they *think* it's a girl, I'm really excited. Erin: Why do you think your ahead of your dates? have you had your ultrasounds to confirm? I'm at the right size for where I am, even though my belly does feel bigger then the last pregnancy


mls - November 10

my first was a boy. they told me he was a girl until my last ultrasound at 8 months. I'm 50/50 about my preferences about this one. sometimes a want a boy...sometimes I want a girl. :-) I gained a ton of weight with my first. i'm doing really awesome on my weight with this one. right where I should be, but my stomach just feels much bigger and feels like it's stretching. don't remember that with my first. what was your first and how old is s/he?


erin - November 10

I haven't had my ultrasound yet, it's going to be really late, only at 25 weeks, which seems like forever away. My uterus has measured bigger than the number of weeks I am for 3 out of 4 appointments I've had with my midwife. I haven't had one in awhile but I think i'm about 4 weeks ahead right now. I can feel where my uterus is and it's definitely higher up than my belly b___ton, i think up to 2 inches above it. I'm pretty sure my date of conception is right, maybe this will be a really big baby. I can't wait until ultrasound to find out what they think! I can't stand this long wait!


Terra - November 10

mls.. My first was a girl, she's 5 and very excited to be a big sister, and she wants it to be a girl so badly.. But I think if it came out that whooops we're having a surprise boy, she would just be happy to have a baby..I feel bigger then my first too, but I think for those of us who have gone through this before, we have already stretched once.. so I guess it would be easier, our body would probably just do what it is supose to... Erin: you get your ultrasound at 25wks, well that is cool, you should be able to find out the s_x For sure, *if the baby is showing itself* Some women are just really tiny, and others are bigger, I"m very pet_te, and at 20wks, I'm all of a sudden (in two wks time) from around my belly b___ton, to about an inch obove... first thing in the morning though it shows Above the belly b___ton, but not largely over... I'm very pet_te else where so there is only so much room to grow. .Up and then out from there, There isn't any sides for it to grow with, unless "she" makes them!


mls - November 11

that's awesome. my son is 4 and he's very excited too. he's informed me that this is "his" baby and the next one I have can be mine. he's also said that this one needs to be a girl, because 2 boys in a row would not make a good "pattern". LOL. even though we're not finding out...I can't help but feel that this one is a girl. intuition, I guess.


Terra - November 11

Aww. that is cute about your son MLS. My daughter is looking fwd to being a big sister... She was always a little down sometimes about her friends how alot of they had "baby" brothers or sisters, and it's just the right time to have another one... I think with some kids, their intuition can be right on! Everyone will have to keep me up to date on there preg. progress.. I want to know how everyones feeling as we get further along.. And how many of us will actually GO on our edd...


mls - November 11

I heard about a wivestale that says if you have a son and become pregnant again, he will show great interest in your pregnancy if the baby is a girl, but ignore it if it's another boy. my son kisses my belly goodnight and goodbye when I drop him off for daycare. so we'll see. :-)


erin - November 11

mls, that wivestale could be true. when i had my second boy, my first didn't seem to care too much. but when my sister in law had a girl after the first was a boy, the boy was all over that baby girl! but i think it could be a personality difference too. my older son will be 4 when this one is born. he told me he wants a sister b/c he has a brother already. we're trying to convince him that two brothers would be even better than one, just in case.


Lisa D - November 11

Hey Preggo - Mine will be the first granddaughter for my mother also. My husband has 4 boys (he started early!) so we really wanted a girl. I am a strong believer in gender selection now because I charted and wha-la we got what we wanted... well we think so... a curve ball can always been thrown I guess. If you would like to email off this board my email is in my other post. Best to everyone. Lisa



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