Due November 25th Anyone Wanna Join Me Part 2

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San_dee - May 21

I hope everybody makes it to the second trimester :), just had my dr appt this morning and we could hear the hb loud and clear so thats made me so happy :D, i have a scan in 3 weeks, still having some symptoms, like major back ache, keeps waking me up during the night and my knees are now starting to ache in my sleep, had this with DS but wasnt till i was about 7mo, anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? anyho... i hope everybody has a wonderful second trimster!!!


LINZ - May 22

Hi San-Dee, though I would join you in the 2nd trimester section! I have just posted on the 1st trimester section regarding baby movements. So what is your due date & how are you feeling??


San_dee - May 22

Yes hi LINZ, i just read your post, i hear the hb and decided that i could go to tri 2 :) My due date is 25th november, feeling pretty good, showing quite reasonably now but i hear thats common during second pregnancies. the only thing i hate is this annoying back Ache, its so bad have had it for 3 wks now, i think its how the baby is sitting on a nerv or something. How are you feeling??


annie24 - May 22

hi all, im due nov 22nd and showing a lot.I wasn't even this big at nearly 6months the last time.think its the second time around thing.sorry to hear about back ache so early on.


mandy797 - May 23

HI there San_dee ,Im also due the 25th of november and cant wait whats our weeks and days ive forgotten Thanks Mandy...


San_dee - May 23

hey Mandy, right now im 13w3d


LINZ - May 23

Hi all, yeah San-dee - I have had quite a bit of backache too! It has eased off a bit now though. I am feeling fine! Just feel tired at the end of the work day. I am not sure if I will be able to last until October before I take my maternity leave! I suppose I will cross that bridge when I come to it?! I am quite concerned now - just been showing my scan pics off and everyone has commented on how big the baby is! However, the tech said that it was measuring correctly for its 'age' and also I am not showing as yet so surely if it was a big baby, I would be popping out by now?!! Any thoughts?! x


annishel - May 23

hey guys. I was wondering what happened to everyone and decided at 12w6d, I deserved to check out the 2nd trimester posts, and here you are :). Just had the NT scan and waiting for blood results. San_dee - soooooo glad and relieved to hear about the hb - you really did have me worried that post on 1st trimester :). Speak to you guys soon!


Jen01 - May 23

Hi my name is Jenny and this is my second pregnancy, but hopefully this will be my first baby. I'm due Nov 9th. We;ve had a lot of uls due to the last m/c and some spotting with this one. I seemed to have made it ok, 15.5 weeks now. This will be the 6th grandbaby in my family so nothing new here. The first on my husband's side. I have had horrible back pain for a few weeks but this week it has subsided a little. I go back in 2 weeks for the regular visit. Until now I've gone in every 2 weeks for a hb check. This will be my first 4 week visit. It's kinda scarier than I thought to wait this long.


wendelmar - May 23

I am due November 22nd , but since I am going to have a scheduled C-Section , I get to choose the date (my first was being stubborn and we almost lost him on the delivery table, so I delivered C) I am showing so much sooner and have been in maternity clothes for a month now. Everyone says I m going to have twins, but I hear you show sooner with the 2nd. Regarding the backaches, since the good painkillers (Motrin, etc) are off limits to us all, my doc recommended Chiropractic care. It was the best thing I did for my back. It is 100% safe during pregnancy and relieves so much of the discomfort. Unfortunately, the back aches only get worse, so enjoy the back ma__sage and adjustment. My insurance actually covers it, so look into that. Good luck!


venus_in_scorpio - May 23

hi lades im due november 20 and this is my first. im 14 weeks now... san_dee... have u asked the doc about the back ache? I once knew a woman who had back pain in her 2nd trimester so bad she was in a wheel chair and finally the doctor decided the baby was indeed on a nerve so they put a cold pack on her back and a heat pack on her front and the baby shifted positions and just like that she was up and around again. I wouldnt suggest trying that w/o medical supervision or anything but it couldnt hurt to ask!


venus_in_scorpio - May 23

annishel how did the nt scan go? my doctor did mine wrong and scared the sh*t out of me by telling me it looked lie the baby had D/S markers, but then the high risk doctor did it right and it went pretty well, she said my doctor should not have scared me like that..


San_dee - May 23

Hey everyone!! This back Ache is driving me up the wall, so bad, but im having this really strange feeling that im having more than one... dont get me wrong im not a wishfull thinker, in fact i think i would even cry if there is more than one but some things dont add up. when the dr found the hb he was pointing the doppler towards my right hand side of my stomach, but all the movement is on the left hand side, the back aches, showing this early with movement and the dreams lol.... gosh i hope im wrong... stupid intuition telling me c___p. I might try that hot and cold thing venus, Anyone else get really sore knees!!! i know that seems wierd but they ache all the time now too, especially when they are bent like sitting in a chair or even when im sleeping in the fetal position it wakes me up urrrrrrrr


San_dee - May 23

ANyhow... the winging over im really lookin forward to the scan horay. can u tell the s_x at 16wks? and thanks wendalmar i might make an appt. Hope you are all happy and healthy :D


San_dee - May 24

Hey Linz, dont be discouraged if you end up leaving work earlier than you expect. I did with my first, i said i was going to take maternity leave 2wks b4 due date but ended up leaving 6wks b4, did me the world of good, enjoyed some quiet time to prepare for what lies ahead!! Annishel make sure you let us know how your results are!!! and Jen dont worry about having to wait so long, i know what you mean altho my appts hav always been 4wks apart, but when you get closer it will go to 2wks then 1wk, time will fly :D


San_dee - May 24

btw, as you can gather im a bit bored, its not 5am here its only 9pm, so every1 is in bed when i post :(


kmorris1 - May 24

Hi all - I am expecting my first on 9th November. I am in the UK. I had a scan at 12 weeks (everything at the right size and looking good), and am due another in about 4 weeks time. I get to hear the heartbeat at my midwife appointments (most recent yesterday), and she says she can hear the baby moving about. Hope everyone is doing well, Kate.



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