Due On July 3rd And Wondering

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JaxonsMomma - January 6

At my last doctors appointment while looking at the ultrasound the baby was moving so much. Both his arms and legs were going to town. It was cute. I just wanted to know why I can't feel all this movement that so clearly shows up on screen. He was even in perfect position at 14 weeks to tell he was a very proud little boy!


cors1wfe - January 6

This is normal - while you can see all of the activity your little one is too little to hit hard enough for you to feel it don't worry though you will in about 2-6 more weeks. I saw my little one doing back flips and really have a ball but I can't feel it either and this is my 3rd baby - so if this is your first chances are you will feel it around 18 or 20 weeks don't worry I am due July 2nd! Nieto meet you.


disko love - January 7

Hi JaxonsMomma - while I know that your little one is moving around like crazy and it won't be too awfully long till you feel the movement. Is this your first? If so then I would say give it a couple of weeks and you'll definitely feel your little guy. This is my fourth and I am at 17 weeks... I've been feeling movement for about 4 weeks now but no worries you'll be feeling your little bundle of joy in no time.


stefkay - January 7

Hi! I was wondering this too...it is my first and my u/s at 14 weeks showed a VERY active baby, but I don't feel anything yet either. Just can't wait to start feeling it all!


oncemore - January 7

Hi girls! So excited for all you first time mommys! I have 1 boy and 2 girls and I am currently preggo with a boy at 18+weeks. I just want you to know that different pregnancies might produce different times at which you will feel the movement for the first time... and thats WITH the same mommy! With my first, my son... he was very active and I first felt him at 15 wks even though my ob dr. thought I was crazy or just feeling gas... by 17 wks though, even my dh could feel him kicking! With my 2nd and 3rd child (both girls)... they were a bit more mellow and I didnt really feel them until like week 17. The were more mellow than my son throughout the entire pregnancy, but still kicked me hard later on no doubt! This one (boy) I started to feel at 15 wks, but very suttle... and I only knew what to "feel" for, since I had had other children. Now, he is kicking and rolling all over where I can feel him and my dh felt him kick when I was 16wks6days. Dont worry if you think you cant feel it right away at around 15 to 17 wks... the first pregnancy you might mistake it for ga__s or food digesting...or the other way around, lol. But you should know for sure by around 18 weeks but I have talked with gals that havent felt the movement until in their early 20 wks... this could be the placement of the placenta or other factors... I just dont want you to worry... but you will feel it very very soon! You are gonna love it, and it may just make you jump as it's quite a shock coming out of no where sometimes! Congratulations and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! I wish you a happy delivery soon enough!~Lori~



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