Due On Or Around May 19th

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H - December 11

I was just wondering how you gals out ther are doing that are due on or around May 19th (When I'm due). Just wanted to share thoughts on lives and pregnancies: hows it going for you guys right now?


Jennifer - December 11

hey, im due May 16. I'm really excited because I just felt the baby move the other day, and today my boyfriend was able to feel the baby also. December 21st I go to find out if I'm having a girl or a boy. I want a girl sooooo bad..have you found out your babies s_x yet?


maya - December 12

Hello ladies. I'm due the 20 th of May. I havent felt the baby move yet. I've heard so many women out there have.. I cant wait! Things seem to be going well. I have the right pains, my tummy is growing nicely. so it seems good. I too go to find out the s_x of the baby soon. On the 19th of December. Exciting!! if any of you have msn messenger. [email protected]


jk - December 12

Im due May 24th and have been feeling the baby move for 1-2 weeks. Its my 4th. My ultrasound is the 20th of Dec and I am so excited!


missy - December 12

I am due may 18th. I have been feeling the baby move for about 3 weeks now!!! I get excited every time I feel it!!!! I have been having stomach pains every now and then--right around my ribs I guess its just from the muscles streching--anyone else get this!!!


Julia - December 12

I'm having my baby on May 19! A repeat Csection, it's weird already knowing the date. I've gained 5lb now and my tummy definitely feels bigger. I'm wearing mostly all maternity pants now. Still tired but feeling pretty good.


Tess - December 12

Hi H! Im due exactly same as you. (5/19/06) 1st baby....So far....Ive only gained 2 lbs ( I started heavy during pre-pregnancy) We can't wait til we find out the baby's gender my BIG DAY is on Jan. 9th. Do you already know what you're having? Good luck! Hope we can keep in touch. :o)


Jennifer - December 12

Ive been feeling my baby move for about 4 days now...it kinda feels like a poke or a pulse type feeling in my lower abdomen on the left side...my boyfriend can feel it also...does anyone else's movement feel like this? cuz ive heard it described as "flutter" but it most definitly doesn't feel like flutters to me! thanks


Jennifer - December 12

oh and missy I get stomach pains all the time too... I think it is just from the muscles strectching and its nothing to worry about...or at least i hope not!


angel - December 12

i am due on may 13th i am so excited i just hope they are rith about how far along i am bc we really don't know when i conceived, are they usually pretty accurate


missy - December 12

thanks Jennifer!!! I worry about every little thing and this is my 2nd pregnancy!!! You would think I wouldnt worry as much-lol!! I get my u/s done on the 2oth I cannot wait. We have a boy so we are really hoping for a little girl!!! as far as the movements you are feeling, mine are the same way. Its just a little poke here and there and also feels like bubbles sometimes!!!


Jennifer - December 12

yeah i worry all the time to...i just really want my baby to be healthy...i dont know why im worried cuz i got so much to be excited about..im gonna find the s_x next week which is good i really want a girl!


Tess to Jennifer - December 12

I have that same feeling too w/ my baby. It feels like a poke or pulse type too.....and its exactly on my lower left side abdomen.......Ive been feelin it all wkend....What do you think is the baby doin? turning or kicking? Im 17 wks and 3 days.


Ba8y6irl - December 12

hey! I am due May 23rd! Very exciting!! I can't wait to find out what I am having, the suspense is killing me! I could never wait a whole 9 months! I haven't really felt too much movement, just a little here and there. Mostly little flutters and then a poke or 2 from the inside... I hope I will feel more soon, cuz sometimes I worry... I wish I had my own u/s machine!!! Too bad I didn't marry Tom Cruise... lol Congrats all!!!!!


Jennifer - December 12

Tess- I think its the baby kicking...I never notice it unless im lying down on my back and it only happens late at night and sometimes in the afternoon. The reason I think its the baby is cuz the feeling has gotten stronger as the days go by


H - December 13

Hi again, H here, I started the thread. I'm scheduled to see my doctor on the 28th of December and then I will schedule my 5 month ultrasound were I hope to find out the s_x of the baby. I am a little concerned because it seems like a lot of you have been feeling the baby move for a while or even strong enough for others to feel? Because I am only just starting to feel what I'm not even sure if it is the baby because it is so vague.But I guess it could still be a little early yet? I don't know. Anyway I feel pretty good and it is so good to hear from all of you! Lets keep trying to keep in touch with eachother as we all progress? I think that would be cool!


Tess to Jennifer - December 13

I felt mine right after we had lunch at the mall. It felt weird though. I was telling my dh that our baby is moving but he couldnt feel it yet....maybe its still too early. Newei, Congrats!



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