Dumbest Advice Or Advice Made You Go Huh

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mommybabyboy21 - March 4

Ok, I know when I first got pregnant alot of my friends and family, even the baby books told me that I was going to get advice from everyone on how to raise my baby...including strangers. For the most part, I haven't been getting unwanted advice like they said except from one person. The baby's perturnal grandma, first off her son *the baby's father* wants nothing to do with me or HIS son, so I was like fine but I thought it would be nice of me to at least let his side of the family know that they are going to have their first grandson...so I called his mother she now harrasse me with the worst advice about baby's I can think of. First she tells me I must br___t feed the baby until he is at least 5!!! I should drink at least a gallon of milk a day!!! (I am lactos intalernet), and have absoultly no sweets while pregnant or the baby will be fat!!! She says I am extremely under wieght for my pregnancy...but when I was still dating her son she said I was too fat...I was about 5-10 pounds over weight pre-pregnancy...Can I cut her off??? Her son wants nothing to do with the baby why should I have a MIL from h__l, when I don't have husband/boyfriend? Sorry just had to vent a little I just got off the phone with her, with over an hour of what I thought was bad advice. But I am serious interested, for a good laugh to hear some of the bad advice other women have gotten...or am I the only one?


Tammy276 - March 4

If she starts in again, tell her how it is....you are under no obligation to be nice to her if her own son wants nothing to do with you or the baby....Let her know you are being nice in letting them know they are having a grandson, but you don't need or want advice from her......if you want advice you'll ask for it. And if she keeps up with it, hang up on her a__s!! And sorry, but b___stfeeding until 5!? Give me a freaking break!! The kid will be in kindergarden already!! Sorry, I haven't really gotten any bad advice....Usually when people start talking "Well, this is how we did things back then"....I just come back and say, "This isn't back then, its 2007 so I dont' care how things were done back then". It may come off sounding kind of rude once in a while, but sometimes that is they only way to shut them up is to catch them off guard a bit! My biggest peeve now is (I am almost 37 weeks) people keep telling me when I can or can't have the baby..."You can't have her on this day because I'm doing this, so you have to wait until at least this day.."..o.k...hang on, let me tell her "Isabelle, you can't come out on this day because MIL is doing this, so make sure you stay in there for another couple of days!" or people will ask, Well, is she going to come on time, early, or is she going to be late.....How the hell am I supposed to know people? She is going to come whenever she feels like coming!


Krissy25 - March 4

I haven't had too much advice yet since i'm not showing yet, but the other day i was at the bank and i fainted. This woman started asking me all these questions and at some point i told her i was pregnant. Then there was this older guy who was helping me by putting a towel to my head and he helped me over to some chairs and we were talking a little and he asked me if this was my 1st child and i said yes and he said well you might want to stop after this one. I just kind of smiled and made some sort of a joke about the baby being a trouble maker, but it made me kind of angry. I'm like you don't know anything about me and pa__sing out once is not that big a deal and your telling me i should stop having kids, btw he was being serious. Maybe i was just overreacting but it wasn't like i had just almost died giving birth or something i just pa__sed out from standing in line too long and probably needing something to eat.


jen327 - March 4

The other day someone told me not to wear my seatbelt in the car, it was safer. I went huh? And then someone said not to wear make up because it will be absorbed and the chemicals will go to the baby, again huh?


JulieK - March 4

I was told to try and postpone my first from standing as early as he wanted to try, because he would end up bowlegged.......what a load of c___p.


momma3tobe - March 5

I have heard the bowlegged thing before, it's got to be the dumbest thing I've heard. I am expecting my third, but I look young and so everyone thinks it's my first and feels the need to "warn" or "inform" me about upcoming pregnancy woes.... like "You just wait until you hit that last 2 weeks..." or the cliche "Having a baby really changes your life" I am like "Yep, I've done it twice before". I love the people at the gym too, who feel the need to walk up to me and tell me I am overdoing it... I have told my doctor every detail of my workout regime and she thinks it's perfectly fine so I tell them to buzz off.


lawlady72 - March 5

My MIL scolded me for letting my DD walk around the house barefoot when she was learning to walk. She said she could get a fungus????!!!??? Then I proceeded to tell her that Doctors now think it's healthier for children to learn to walk without shoes (in safe places of course) because it teaches them how to use their feet for balance (toes, arch, etc.) and that the days of shoes with rock solid bottoms are over. Seh then told me my doctor was a quack and he has no idea what he's talking about...... Oh yeah and by the way when I told her I was PG again she said "Oh I'm so happy, thank god, you're getting up there in years." Yeah, she's a real cla__s act.


tw - March 5

Hi all! In regard to the comment about make-up: though I totally understand the frustrating part about getting advice from strangers (and MILs!), and don't think people should start telling you how to live because you're pregnant, I did want to say something quickly about makeup... A lot of women don't know, but most conventional make-up and body care products contain all sorts of petrochemicals that can affect development. Body care ingredients do not have to be approved by the FDA, which means practically anything can go in them. You can learn more about why this matters do a search for the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep project, and you can also search their database for info on the products you use!


mommybabyboy21 - March 5

lawlady72 I would have been mad at MIL for saying that my DD would get fugis from walking on my floors at my house...I would be insulted that she would think fungus was on my floors!!! Let alone that point that you made that dr actully recomend you not put shoes on a baby until they can really walk.


lawlady72 - March 5

mommybabyboy21, I guess I've known the woman for 15 years and understand which things to take as an insult. She meant any floor. She doesn't think people were meant to be barefoot anywhere, ugh, she's nuts, seriously, she mails us stuff she cuts out of magazines which feed into her paranioa, yet if I send her information doc_mented and has been studied by leading universities etc., etc., I'm wrong. Whatever. She calls the stuff she self medicates with for arthritis her "medicine" meanwhile she bought it at the local vitamin shop. Her entire fridge is full to the brim with vitamins and yet she refuses to believe that you can overdose on particular vitamins and she should closely moniter how much she is taking. But again, that's impossible I don't know what I'm talking about....... SHE"S NUTS!!!!!


MrsShelton217 - March 5

Oh I have a good one!! When I went into labor (the first time) with my daughter, I was only 23 weeks pregnant. (Scary stuff!) Anyway, my great grandmother came to the hospital to visit. She told MY DOCTOR that even though the baby was premature, they should not stop my labor because stoping something that the child was doing on its own would cause it to realize that it could procrastinate once it was older, or even an adult..... She told my doctor this in front of me... My doctor and I both thought she was just being silly.. but it turns out that she was REALLY offended when we all just laughed. To this day, I still think its hilarious!! *Thank goodness they DID get my labor stopped... My baby girl still waltzed into this world 8 weeks early*


mommybabyboy21 - March 6

MrsShelton217 how old is your daughter now? I am so happy that she was alright


charee - March 6

Man, I guess I am not the only one whose mother in law (monster in law) drives them NUTS!! Ahh.... so much fun they are! Cant wait until i am one... wait no.


Mommy1 - March 6

I try to stay as far away from my MIL as possible!! She lives 2 hours awaya dn I haven't been up to see her since christmas (I refuse to go up til Easter). Some poeple can be real ignorant...my cousin just ave birth to a baby girl 8 weeks ago and when I called to tell her I was having a boy her reponse was..."Oh you poor thing", if she would have been standing in front of me I would have smacked her! I couldn't believe that actually came out of her mouth...and in 4 days I'm throwing a baby shower for her -you seriously have to shake your head at some people!


charee - March 6

Man!! I cant believe some people, that is so rude I would be so upset!! Congrats on having a boy!!! That is what i am hoping for =)


KellyCano - March 7

I was told with my first by an ob/gyn nurse not to reach up high or to swim as it will make knotts and tangle the umbilical cord. I told the Dr. about her advice so he could be aware of how misinformed his nurse was. The ironic thing is that it is exactly what happened to my baby's cord. They couldn't believe the knots and said it was a miracle that she made it. As for Mil's advise- mine seemed upset that I was nursing and said it was no better then formula and didn't understand why everone thinks it is so much better- this is after I explained the medical benifits. Talk about rude. BTW I never put down others choice to use formula as sometimes we would supplement. Go figure.


Frances - March 10

I'm lucky enough to be much more a__sertive than my MIL and so she's never offered me any advice on baby-raising. My mother's usual advice is that she can't really remember what she did with her kids so I should just try different things. I get the best advice from my pals who have no children. They totally think I should eat chocolate and cookies and so on, whatever makes me happy! Great advice as far as I'm concerned!



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