During What Weeks Did You Gain The Most Weight

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meg - April 27

I'm 21 weeks & still haven't gained much weight...maybe 4 pounds. I've heard people mention that sometime during the 2nd trimester the baby has a growth spurt & weight gain can be quite rapid for those few weeks. Just wondering if this is true & if I can expect it any time soon!! Thanks.


ahemann99 - April 27

i am 20 weeks and also haven't gained a lot of weight....in the first trimester i lost about 4 pounds and have gained 8...so i am up 4lbs from my prepregnancy weight. My doctor told me in my last weeks appointment that now is when your hormones change again and they actually start converting lots of what you eat to pounds.....she told me to stay away from sweets.....hope this helps. by the way - she said she would consider me right on track with weight gain - she usually expects around 10 lb weight gain by 20 weeks....depending upon whether you've lost or gained you could be at a good weight where you are too


Erynn21 - April 27

I gained 10 lbs. by 19wks. I'm now 21wks. and had a growth spurt last wk. My tummy got really round and I have been hungry a lot, but now I don't really want breakfast and before I had to have it, so that's strange. Between weeks 10-15 I gained 1/2 a lb. 15-19 4 lbs, so I guess it's just averaging out.


Kara H. - April 27

I had not gained very much up until 20wks, but between 20-24 wks I gained six pounds! My doctor said not to stress about it since most women will have I big weight gain somewhere between 20-28wks.


livdea - April 28

I had gained maybe 10 lbs the first five months and then between month 23-27 I gained 11 POUNDS! My dr and I both about had a heart attack! I don't know what happened but all of a sudden...I POPPED! it was crazy. I wasnt over eating either and I've been a regular gym goer, so who knows what happened!


sa__sifras - April 28

I am 17 wks and have gained 1 freakin pound, I have not lost any due to m/s and eat like a horse. I am so glad to hear this is normal!! I should stop complaining and wait for a couple weeks, I will probably explode:)


GraceRenee - April 28

At 15 weeks I am still down about 6 lbs. because of losing 10 in the first trimester. I remember with my other two kids, I had a 8-10 lb. weight gain in the 4 weeks from week 20-24. It was nearly half my total weight gain for the entire pregnancy.


SuzieQ - April 28

I'm 17w5d and have gained 6 lbs so far. I'm measuring a bit small, but my doc told me not to worry about it.


Ddvinson3 - April 28

I am 19 weeks and in my first trimester I lost 28 pounds and since my last appt i've gained 2 pounds or 3 can't remember. But the dr. said they want me to gain about a pound a week now.


meg - April 28

Thanks ladies! I'm ready for those few big weeks! I was one of the lucky ones who never felt the least bit sick in the 1st trimester, just tired, so I definitely didn't lose weight. I'm about 5'8" & started out fairly thin...about 125-128 pounds, so I thought that I would gain a little more quickly than I am. I'm ready for it though! :)


Ta - April 30

Lets see, at my 12 wks appt I had lost 2 pounds, then at 16 weeks I only gained 1 pound, then at 20 weeks i gained 4 pounds, Then the shocker, at my 24 wk appt I had gain 8 pounds over my my 20 wk exam, so in total ( at 27 weeks) I have gained 12 pounds, and I am getting bigger by the day.


yourtrish - May 1

Hey ladies...can anyone tell me more about this so called hormonal change from week 20-24. I've found I've been hyper-emotional from weeks 20-22 and eating like a total pig. I was consuming between 10-15 peices of bread by noon because I would wake up STARVING in the mornings and eat non-stop until I finally felt full by lunch time. My hunger usually tappered off by diner time, but I'm terrified of my next appointment weigh-in...I can tell you that much. Unforutunately, as great as a person my OBGYN is, she doesnt seem to explain very much with regards to the pregnancy to me and what to expect, so I'm kinda in the dark on what to expect next. I'm 22 weeks now...any surprises on the way?


JESS1980 - May 1

Meg: I am 23 weeks and I have only gained 3 pounds. My doctor said this is fine. I have always been a very thin person though, and I have never been the type of person who gained weight. I went through a growth spurt about 2 weeks ago, and my next Dr. appt is tomorrow....so we'll see if I've gained any more weight. But if I were you I wouldn't worry.



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