Dying My Hair

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s - May 17

Is it ok to dye your hair at 14weeks pregnant or am i best to avoid it until after the baby is born??


Francesca - May 17

I have my hair dyed every six weeks, but left it till around 10 when i was first pregnant. The results were fine, but always best to check with your hairdresser.... Good Luck


Jennifer - May 17

It is fine, I have heard that people say not to get it done while pregnant, becuase the color might not take because of the changes in your bady, I had my hair highlighted and it turned out fine.


Eire - May 17

Got mine done as well and it was fine - semi-permanent colour.. I get it done about once every 3 months to cover the few stray greys that are appearing... (which by the way seem a lot more plentiful since becoming pregnant!!)..


J - May 17

Some people opt not to dye their hair on the theory that the chemical process may harm the baby...so you'll certainly hear some say 'better safe than sorry' or they'll say wait til the 2nd tri. My hairdresser suggested that the "harmful chemicals in the 1rst tri" theory is actually b/c women w/ morn sick may feel sick from the smell. Bottom line, my dr. said it was totally fine and that there's no harm. I just had mine done this past weekend.


susie - May 17

thanks everyone. my mum dyes my hair for me and i havent had my hair done since january and it starting to grow out at the roots and my natural colour coming tho and it annoying me... im going to get me hair cut and dyed next week but ill not leave it on at long cos i will end up being sick cos even b4 i was pregnant i was sick at the smell of it lol... any way thanks girls good luck n congratualations


Alaina - June 6

MAke sure you protect you nose.A good hairdresser will offer you a mask


naomi - June 7

I waited utill the 3 mth mark as I had read that it is best to wait untill all the babys organs are developed.


Jennifer - June 7

I have my hair dyed every six weeks. I asked my OB Dr. and he said it is fine, but to wait untill after 10 weeks. Since by then the baby is fully formed. And because between 5 and 10 weeks is when the baby is at the greatest risk of birth defects. I am currently 13 weeks and had my hair dyed last week. It took just fine, no problem.



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