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Desiree - May 13

What's the earliest ya'll have felt your baby move? Like how many weeks were you? I am just curious...


nm - May 13

I was 15 wks.


jennifer - May 13

I am 18 weeks and think that i am beginning to feel the fluttering.


Mistee - May 13

I was inbetween 15 and 16 weeks and it's my first pregnancy but when I had my ultra sound they said the baby is down on the birth ca___l so thats why i could feel it really easily


Kara - May 13

I'm having my first, I was 15 weeks 3 days.


Maleficent - May 14

first baby, 16 weeks. second baby, 14 weeks. third baby, 21 weeks.


Lily - May 14

I first started feeling a fluttering around 13 weeks. I'm 15w/5d now and this is my first. Now I can really feel it when I'm trying to relax, or have been sitting for a longer amount of time.


t - May 15

I am 15 weeks tomorrow with my 1st, and felt baby move 2 days ago. I lay with a thin pillow under my back/b___t, and it seemed to make it easier to feel. My doctor told me that it depends a lot on how much fluid is around the baby also, because if there is a lot, the baby has more room to move without touching the sides. Makes sense to me!


M - May 15

I'll be 21 weeks on Monday. At the end of 19 weeks I felt the sensation of bubbles popping inside my stomach. Then nothing for a while. Now I only feel little twinges here and there. It's a difficult sensation to explain but I know it's not gas or my stomach growling. Is this my baby moving? Anyone out there who's about 20 weeks pregnant, what do you feel?


Dana - May 31

What does the fluttering feel like? Whereb exactly do you feel it? Is it low, like below your bellyb___ton, or higher? I'm feeling something but it's pretty high, like just under my ribcage in the center. I never felt this before, but I kind of doubt it's "quickening". What can you tell me?


citrouille - June 1

I felt flutters and pops around 15 weeks... maybe a bit before. dana, it is hard to describe what it feels like but early on (before 20 weeks) you are most likely to feel it down low.. I know I felt mine really low. I think it depends on how far along you are because now I'm 23 weeks and am getting major kicks above my belly b___ton but also below.


miranda - June 1

the flutters started around 13 weeks i think and then the kicks started around 18ish? I'm 25 weeks now and the movement just doesn't stop! It's kinda cool :)


Audrea - June 2

I am 21 weeks and started feeling the fluttering around 19 weeks and now really feel the baby move and sometimes I feel a stronger kick. It is very sporadic and on some days I may feel it very little and other days I feel it more often. It's an awesome feeling.


Arial - June 10

I'm 11 weeks and I felt it move today!! It's so exciting! It makes me laugh to think that it's flying around in there.


erica - June 10

I'm also 11 weeks tomorrow and I been feeling it all day today flutters and like light movements. These is my 5th and the second that has moved early in pregnancy. My third pregnancy moved around 10 weeks.


Kayla - June 14

I am 14 weeks 4 days... It's an AMAZING feeling down low, I first felt it sitting quietly at work after lunch.


Jessica F. - June 14

15 wks was when I felt my first little flutters!



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