Early August Mommies When Are We Movin Up

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Cassie06 - May 1

I am 26 weeks. When are other early August moms moving to the third trimester board? I have read 27 weeks in some books and 28 weeks in others. I wanted to see what y'all were doing! I dont want to move to other board too soon and leave you all behind!! :)


torbman - May 1

I here ya Ca__sie, I am 27 weeks. I can't wait to be moving up, just seems like I stopped or something. Time is flying pretty slow right now. (Tamara)


EricaG - May 2

Hey Ca__sie, I'm moving over to the third trimester board at 27 weeks 1 day (LMP dates) and I will be 28 weeks 2 days according to my ultrasound due date. I always go by my LMP date when I'm telling people how far along I am and when my due date is. I will be 26 weeks tomorrow. So I will be moving over to the third trimester board in 9 days.


iakram - May 2

hi ca__sie . i think i'm ready as well!


Been There - May 2

I'm with you. I hit 27 weeks on Saturday. It's about that time to think about moving on. I'll probably go between Second and third for the next two weeks, until I feel I'm firmly planted there. Just like I did between First and Second. We're entering the HOME STRETCH!!


Olivene - May 5

WOW! Is it almost time for that already?! Time has been cruising right along for me. I've got another week or two (I'm about 26 and a 1/2 )and then I'll skip on over!


Evonna - May 5

lol, awww..well i have already moved up to the third trimester board and also made a topic about mommies due in early august. I am already excited about moving on up, lol. It's like time is moving so quickly because i cannot believe i am already 26 weeks pregnant, will be 27 weeks this saturday. Been there, that's what i've been doing..i've been going back in forth between 2nd & 3rd trimester, but will permanently stay in 3rd trimester at 28 weeks.


Evonna - May 5

Oh & i am due August 6th.


LollyM - May 6

I just became 27 weeks too, and I am going to start checking out the 3rd trimester board also =) . My doctor's office says that 25 weeks is the third trimester! That might be from conception though. Hope to see all of you who were in the August mommies board that kitty started! Where did that go anyway?



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