Early Birth

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Precious - March 7

I was curious what r the chances a baby can come out before 40 wks? or what reasons could a baby come out before due date.. hmm seems the same question but i just wanna know any reasons for a baby or something..


stefkay - March 7

I'm not sure what the cutoff is for pre-term labor, but I THINK it is any time before 36 weeks? Someone else may know better. I t hink most doctors are ready for normal labor to come anytime in the last month (36-40 weeks). If the baby comes earlier it could be for any number of reasons (incompetent cervix, irritable uterus, infection, I'm sure the list can go on)....? I'm sure someone else may have better answers :)


Whitney - March 7

3 years ago I had my son at 36 weeks ... I had been on bed rest for high blood pressure about a month prior to the birth & usually with high blood pressure you deliever earlier.


DDT - March 8

A full-term baby is born anytime after 37wks, so a pre-term baby would be anything before 37wks. If you go into labour after 37wks they won't do anything to stop it because more than likely the baby's lungs will be ready. If you are diagnosed with pre-eclampsia/toxemia/hyper-tension, (high blood pressure & protein in urine) you will probably be induced earlier than normal. If you are having a very large baby for your body frame then your doc may suggest inducing you ealier than normal before the baby gets to big. But even with these 2 examples I have mentioned docs usually like to wait until 37wks because it's safest for your baby.


Heather - March 11

My now 2 yr old son was born at 34 1/2 weeks because my water ruptured prematurely. They sent my placenta to a lab and it showed there was an infection. I was also really sick at the time with a high fever that they couldn't get to come down. His lungs weren't fully developed and needed help breathing for a couple of weeks. He is now a typical 2 year old that runs and plays. You would have never known he was premature.


LinsTwin - March 11

My twin sister and I each had our babies at 36 1/2 weeks and 35 weeks, respectively. Both of our waters broke early, and I can only a__sume it's because we're both small and gained almost 50 lbs. I'm 5' tall, and she's about a 1/2" shorter than I. Our babies were around 6 lbs, a normal size for their gestational age. Neither one of us had preeclampsia or gestational diabetes, nor did we have any complications, though she did end up with a C-section, because she labored so long, and the baby's heartrate started to get a little too high. I think heredity may have something to do with it, because my mother had all 4 of her kids 3 wks early. Sometimes, they're just ready to come out!



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