Early Braxtin Hicks Contractions

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Christine - November 4

For all of you that are on here so often...I am on my 3rd pregnancy, hopefully a boy..due date is set well between April 7th and April 15th...but for the last few weeks I have had Braxtin hicks contractions all the time...I know what they are...I had them with my previous 2 daughters..but it seems way to early to be getting them this often...I did have complications in the beginning of this pregnancy due to a large cyst on my left ovary...3 weeks ago I had to have surgery to have it drained and cut so that hopefully it wont grow back but I'm happy to say that since I really have not had many problems except for these contractions. They do not really hurt so I'm not really concerned..therefore I have yet to speak to my doc about them..I dont go for a sonogram again until Nov. 15..and I dont go back to see the doc until Nov. 22nd..I have seen her so much this time due to the cyst that Im afraid she's going to get sick of hearing from me..(yes I know I shouldnt worry about that) anyways...any advice..I am 17 weeks tomorrow..I do feel the baby move here and there...does anyone else at this point have braxtin hicks? and do they come at least a few times a day? Please when you have a free moment...respond.


ErinJoy - November 4

I just determined that I have been having Braxton Hicks Contractions.. and once my mom told me about them I realize that I have had them before. I can't be sure when it was but it was early enough that your story doesn't sound odd to me. I'm now 26 weeks. Hope that helps to calm you some. I think you're fine!


Christine - November 4

Thanks for answering Erin..I work at a doctors office and have mentioned it and although it is not a obgyn..they keep telling me its too early..I think I'm gonna call and ask the nurse at my ob's office just for a conclusion.


ella - November 5

christine, This is my second pregnancy, and I am also due mid april (12th) anyways I had some braxton hicks contractions a few weeks ago and went to my doctor office and he checked my cervix and it was totally closed and long still. I was told unless there is actually pain or any bleeding then not to worry about it. You should go and get checked anyways and put your mind at rest, it's a horrible feeling to be worried about the welfare of your unborn baby. good luck!!


mistey - November 6

im also due in april (9th) and this is my 4th pregnancy i have felt bh contractions since 15 wks i am not worried because i have felt them earlier with each one and my babies r fine.i know what they feel like and if i lay down i can feel my uterus tightning i get them regulary.i just watch they dont become painful which they havnt until due.i spose the uterus has more work to do as we have had previous births.hope this helps good luck


Christine - November 8

Thanks guys...I have decided that it is normal..I only get them a lot when I am at work..probably because I am constantly up and down all day...I dont think I had any all weekend...


Emily - November 10

I rang my Doc this morning about early Braxton Hicks. This is my second pregancy and like you I had them with my first, but I am 21 weeks and have been having thse braxton hicks since about 16 weeks. I have been told not to be too concerned and I am going in to see him in 2 days just to check the fetal heart beat! So I think its fine!


Kellie - November 11

I have been having braxton hicks contractions since I was about 16 weeks pregnant. This is my fifth pregnancy and when I asked my doctor he said that it is quite common especially in subsequent pregancies as the lining of the uterus becomes thinner with each pregnancy.



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