Early July Mommies

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ricanmami - January 20

Hi moms (and Dads) I was just curious to know how the early july mommies are feeling I'm due July 2nd and I've been experiencing some cramping..nothing major.. ligaments stretching. I cant stay up past 11pm and basically just very excited to find out what I'm having in 13 days!! How are you ladies doing??


Brittany - January 20

I thought I was due June 20th but it turns out our baby was smaller and I'm due July 8th now. I think I'll go into labor WAY earlier though because I had my son earlier too. Not too much is going on with me, no nausea, just some cramps here and there and pains in my belly. We go for another ultrasound on Feb. 4th because the last one the lady couldn't check on too many organs. She did say she thought it was a girl so thats cool. A boy and girl! What are you having??


Deb - January 21

We have a thread called "Anyone due mid-July" and there are people due all through the month of July, you should join us over there!


Katrina - January 23

I'm due on July 1st and I feel relatively good. I did experience some cramping 2 weeks ago but it went away. This week I'm starting to feel some braxton hicks. I can't stay up as late as I normally would and I tire out rather quickly. I'm excited about finding out what the s_x is when I go for my second sonogram at 20wks. The first one I had at 15wks they couldn't tell because the baby kept moving all over the place. Good luck to you!!!!!!


Lori - January 23

Katrina, I'm due July 1st too! And I am going for my u/s on Feb. 8. I'm so excited to find out what it is. I am feeling good. Like everyone else, very tired at night. But definitely feeling better than the 1st trimester. I haven't been so good at getting exercise, so I'm going to try harder now that I have more energy during the day.


Wunmi - January 25

hi ricanmami, im due july 2nd too, feeling good, but aa bit tired at nite, some backache too at times, this is my first preg though


ricanmami - January 25

This is my first pregnancy as well and I get sooo tired at night i seriously fall asleep around 9pm... I still have yet to find out what I'm having 8 days and counting.. But whatever I'm having I'm happy as long as the baby is healthy. I feel the baby move but not everyday.. the other day when i was fetting my eyebrows waxed the poor thing was moving like crazy. Maybe it felt my heart beat go nuts since the lady was kind of rough..lol but I have mild cramping it really does feel like everything is stretching and I'm showing a little some clothes I show more than others. I just continue to pray that everything will turn out fine during this journey.. :0)



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