Eating For 2 MYTH

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Mandy1984 - June 2

hi, I have just returned from my Regular G.P check up and have gained back 3lbs (I lost 15 in the 1st Tri) and said that I feel a lot more hungerier at the minute, Well I was surprised to learn that when pregnant we actually only need to eat an extra 250 -300 calories per day and thats only in the 3rd Trimester!! I mean that could be t=got from 2 bananas and a glass of milk!!! Why do I feel more hungery than usual? Is the myth 'Eating for 2' sticking in my mind making me think I need to eat more lol... I used yahoo to see if the info was correct and most sites say we only need an extra few calories!!! Well its certainly blown my theroy out the window, I was eating what ever I liked and was blaming it on the pregnancy , 'yea its ok, I'm pregnant' lol


HannahBaby - June 2

Yea ive said that on this site before and some ladies get mad saying that its no time to diet. I have only gained one pound in 21 weeks because i eat healthy. My snacks are protein. people a__sume that im dieting when im just eating the right way. Its true that we only need 300 extra calories a day and that should come from a gla__s of milk and some protein. I had the whole "im pregnant so i might as well eat" and i gained 45 unnecessary pounds. weight gain is something that i try not to get into on this site because it can cause some heated arguments.


Angiconda - June 2

Mandy- As long as your doctor is ok with your weight gain I would not worry.


Trish# - June 2

I've heard you need an extra 300 calories in both the second and third trimester. Yeah, my dr. told me from day one that I am not to eat for two, rather 1.1! I have eaten a very healthy diet and exercised so well and have still gained more than "average" at 28 weeks. It just goes to show that all bets are off while pg, but so long as you are being healthy, it's all good. Weight gain could be in the form of water weight or bigger b___sts or extra blood volume... I wouldn't worry about it as long as you are eating right.


Kim L - June 2

Hi Mandy - yep it's true! Even the American Pregnancy a__sociation says so. We're definitely not eating for two - and I agree that while pregnancy is no time to diet, it is a GREAT time to start eating healthy and eating foods that contain the most nutrition (which consequently, tend to be lower in calories and fat). Of course I'm typing this right now as I'm consuming a cherry turnover...hahahaha...Everything in moderation!!!!


mandee25 - June 2

I agree with Trish because I have heard that you need an extra 300 calories in the second and third trimesters as long as there is only 1 baby in there! lol


mcatherine - June 2

I think the contronversy with this subject is that it's 300 extra calories on top of the "recommended" caloric intake for women - which is between 1800 to 1940 a day. Most pre-pregnant women never see this many calories in one day. I know before I was pregnant I stayed at 1200-1400 because I was always trying to watch/lose weight. I was told I needed to increase by more than 300 calories in my 2nd and 3rd because 1500 -1700 wasn't enough to sustain a healthy pregnancy. I just added two snacks that I always deprived myself of before. I admit, at 26 weeks, I no longer count - I just try to maintain a healthy diet, exercise every day and when I'm hungry - I eat. (Even if it's at 3a.m.)


venus_in_scorpio - June 2

that sounds about right. every womans body is different! I have been craving sugar something fierce and trying to control it but i try not to deprive myself either.. i do try to eat pretty healthy most of the time like vitamin enriched cereal and salads and stuff... but i do love my sugar. DONT take it from me though I have gained 11 pounds at 15.5 weeks. OINK! hahaha. but as ive said before on other message boards i ate my feelings in the first trimester - we had a rough patch with my family. on a brighter note most people around me are like "you cant even tell" or "you needed it anyway you were too thin." Now in the second trimester I am feeling a little less sugar-thirsty and I am trying to encorporate nice brisk walks on my schedule again... the first trimester fatigue kicked my A$$!!!! I was always so lazy and undermotivated. I am feeling better and want to try to make up for what I did to my body during the 1st trimester by eating better. my best friend was 105 lbs before she got pg and she gained 75 lbs by eating whatever she wanted and never lost about 40 of it.. I SOOOO dont want to do that.


venus_in_scorpio - June 2

mcatherine you are right about that, i never knew what the caloric intake was suposed to be, I knew that 1200 was the minimum to keep your body from starvation mode when dieting and thats what I always did was 12-1400 a day too. then i got pg and read that, knowing that at one point or another i would try to follow the guidelines.. and i was like wait i dont even know how much im supposed to have. I think it changes with your level of activity and size also... Ill bet the recommended caloric intake for a 6' athlete is more than that of a 5'4 office worker...


Mingill - June 2

I spoke to my OB/Gyn about being hungry all the time. After reviewing what I'd been eating, she suggested I was eating too many carbohydrates (bread, pasta and rice) and simple sugars. What happens is your body can quickly break these down, convert them to sugar(energy) and cause your blood sugars to spike. But it only lasts for a little while, and then you crash, you get hungry again (even more hungry than before) and tired. She recommened I cut back on carbs and switch to whole grains, and when I do eat carbs, always have protein with them (cottage cheese, low fat cheese, lean meat etc.) It takes your body longer to break down proteins, so your body gets a steady supply of energy with no highs and lows. I found it really did help, I'm eating better and I feel better without that constant knawing hunger pain. I've also heard we need the extra 300 in both our 2nd and 3rd trimester. I'm gaining a healthy amount of weight and everyone keeps saying how healthy I look, and commenting on my glow and my nice baby belly.


AmyF - June 2

I don't notice I'm hungrier probably because I'm eating about 5-6 small meals a day. I have my regualr 3 meals, but I'm snacking on banannas or a nutrigran bar for the others. I've only gained 4 lbs and I'm 20 weeks. As long as your Dr is cool with the weight gain like Angiconda said I wouldn't worry.


electronicandy - June 4

Yeah, I knew that one, but only because I am obsessive about reading. :) I'm always having to dismiss family telling me that I need to be stuffing my face. hah


Mandy1984 - June 4

it was the navy all in one travel system I got from mothercare for my last daughter (2yrs ago) and I think I got the whole lot for around £329 that was including raincovers, footmuff, pram ect... and within 6 mths it went wonky, wouldn't walk straight, I a__sumed it was just a faulty pram, a one off, but I bought mothercares own brand double buggy about 1yr ago and the same thing, so this time i would rather pay a bit extra this time round.



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