Eating Healthy But Gaining A Lot Of Weight

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Tiffany - October 27

I am 25 weeks and have gained 23 pounds which I have read is too much. Lately I gain about 1-2 pounds per week. I eat healthy (5+ servings of fruits/vegetables a day) and go to the gym three times a week. Why am I gaining so much weight?


Ronni - October 27

What did your dr. say. Everyone is different, but i think 1lba week is the norm, if there is a norm. I think it is great you go to the gym, i have not been in a while cause i am still very sick and nauseas but i am looking forward to getting back. What do you do at the gym? just curious whatyou are doing at 25 weeks, i am only 16 weeks now. :)


Joanne - October 27

I'm not sure an answer to your question, but I don't follow the diet guidelines I've read to a "T", because it seems to be so MUCH FOOD! To get in everything the books tell you that you ought to eat in one day, I would always be eating! So I just eat exactly as I used to, 3 healthy meals a day, and my weight is staying right on track. Let us know what your doc says if you talk to them about it.


Tiffany - October 27

My doctor didn't say anything but my nurse did say it was more than recommended. I'm just worried about taking off 50 pounds after he is born. I go to Curves gym and do all but the abdominal machines and one leg machine that hurts my stomach. Every time I go it gets harder...


Kimberley - October 27

Everyones weight is different, and if this is your first baby, then weight gain is the norm. With my first I put on 15 kilos (31 pounds), with my second 8 kilos (17 pounds) and only 5 kilos (11 pounds) with my 3rd. I am at present 22 weeks pregnant, I wentt to the doctors 2 days ago, and in the past 4 weeks have LOST nearly 7 pounds, I am actually 5 pounds lighter now, than what I was before falling pregnant. The doctor checked my tummy, and said even though my dates are for 22 weeks (and ultrasound confirms this) but tummy measures for a 24 week old, so doctor says baby is growing and healthy. I have been very very sick with morning sickness, plus the fact whenever I am pregnant, I eat a lot healthier, so doctor says this is why my body loses fatty weight, but baby grows healthy. So, to sum it up, everyone is different....and as long as you are healthy, and baby is healthy that is all that matters :)



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