Eating Sugar During Pregnancy Bad Good

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yourtrish - May 26

Hi ladies. I keep reading about limiting your sugar intake during pregnancy (especially on the third trimester board). Woman seem to mention staying away from refined sugars, not drinking too much fruit juices, not eating white bread, etc. Does anyone have any knowledge of why? Is this a weight-gain trigger? I happen to crave sugar (candies, starbusts, icecream, juice) and wanted to know if I should cut them out or if it is only something to worry about in specific cases (I don't eat a ton of the stuff, just every now and then...). Thanks!


Ashleyg - May 26

i am curious about this too...i am 21w and i have been craving the sweet stuff like crazy! cookies, pudding, cake, fruit...i just cant seem to get my sugar fix! but, i have only gained 9 pounds so far...


Erynn21 - May 26

A lot of women are concerned about gestational diabetes, that's why they limit sugar intake. It develops usually between 24-28 wks. but some women have it the whole time. I still have some sugar because there times when I crave it. I'm 25 eks. and my next appt. I have to take the gestational diabetes test, yuck.


Jen - May 26

I was tested for GD at 18 weeks because there was sugar in my urine. Both my 1 hour and 3 hr tests showed abnormal numbers. They told me till I get to the maternal fetal specialist that I should watch my carbs, eat more vegtables and eat less starches (pastas, breads).


lexa - May 26

This is only my two cents on pregnancy, but here goes. Back in the day, people ate tons of carbs, vegetables and bread (white). Everyone seemed to have healthy babies back then, and barely any pain medication. I think we are okay. I can't live without bread, potatoes, vegetables, fruits and juices. I think in moderation, everything is good for you! Unless you have or show that you may have gestational diabetes, you are okay! Always follow your instincts and if you are unsure, ask your doctor. He/she will know what is best for you, your body and most importantly, your baby! Don't worry, be "pregnant" :-)


CaliTrish - May 27

I'm one of the unfortunate ones to be diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 11 weeks. I didn't really have a sweet tooth, but I did have two grandmothers with type II diabetes. So, I've been on a "no sugar/low carb" diet and take medication at night to keep my fasting levels low. GD only affects 4% of all pregnant women, so obviously it isn't only triggered by what you eat. If you have a family history of diabetes, had GD previously, have a BMI>29, are over 35 yrs old, previously delivered a baby > 9lbs, and/or of Hispanic/African-American decent, you might want to limit your sugar intake. Otherwise, moderation is the key. If you eat a healthy balanced diet and exercise, the occasional treat isn't going to hurt you or your baby.


SuzieQ - May 27

Also, sugar is notorious for having empty calories, so at a time when "every bite counts" it's a good idea to eat healthier. I've cut back on sugar - only one pop per week now - but I still eat fruit, drink juice, and have ice cream and brownies too :) (just not as much)


annishel - May 27

oh my gosh, I am a total junk food holic. It's so bad. I have probably had a good pint or 2 a week of ice cream, and I suck on candy a LOT. I am not happy about it, but I cant say I did much different with my first 3 kids :) I just asked in another thread what people eat in a day, but I would love to get a feel for people who would respond to this post, what a good day of eating would include. I am not a big cook and the attraction to junk food is how easy it is prepare !! Thanks. I have been trying to switch to almonds, dates, raisins, watermelon - all also easy to prepare.



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