Eating Terrible

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J - October 7

I am 15 weeks and eat pretty bad, even though I take my prenatals I only want bad stuff. I don't have the patience to sit and plan healthy meals and only want to buy bad stuff in the grocery store, not veggies and frruit. Does anyone have any suggestions for fast healthy meals or snacks????


Amber - October 7

All i want to eat is fruit. For breakfast, lunch and dinner. The problem (besides only eating fruit) is the price, so i started buying no sugar added applesauce, and canned fruit. Those little jello snacks are good for quick snack too!


Lisa - October 8

Well...why dont you go out and buy a party veggie tray!! That will work! Everything is already cut up and ready to go and snack on that. If you like these you can also get take-out california rolls! They are really healthy for you...


Robin - October 8

I kinda have this problem too. My husband works at a restaraunt so I'm only cooking for one. I've realized that if I put caramel dip on an apple, its a lot easier to eat. I even went out and bought some carrots and veggie dip, and that helps me to want to eat them. It is hard though, I have been hooked on those new warm delights from the baking isle, you just add water and microwave them for a minute, and you have hot cake or brownies. But seriously, I think if you just make the healthy stuff a little more tempting it might help.


Terra - October 9

they say the odd treat, depending on what it is and how often you eat it, and when (If you age great all day or all week) then it's ok to have a treat, but to eat it all the time, because of cravings isn't healthy for you or the baby... All thats going to do possibly is make your baby underweight, and make you heavy.. There is no slowly cutting back, there is Stopping the bad eating habits... Certain things in pregnancy don't always taste as good as others, but you really have to just suck it up and take care of your little one. After these nine months if you want to go back to eating junk,then go for it.. I find even for me, to make sure I get a serving a fruit with my cheerios in the morning.. Then get a fruit granola bar instead of a chocolate chip one.. have a baked potatoe instead of fries.. Simple things like that make a huge difference! I hope this helps.. I sometimes so badlly want to go out and get fast food, or eat a bag of chips, but I know I'll either be in the toilet later, or the baby will be getting absolutely NOTHING from me eating that.. so I just DOn't buy it , WILL POWER


Iiz - October 10

a little box of raisins is one serving of fruit. I also love sugar snow peas. You can buy them already rinsed and bagged. They are really addicting (for me) plain or w/ ranch. Also some pudding (even chocolate) is one serving of calcium. They sell them in individual cups. Buy a bag of apples or oranges or bananas and eat one a day for lunch. Grapes are good too. Make sure to drink lots of water.


Jess - October 11

Why don't you just compromise? Eat what ever you've been eating but towards the end of your meal eat a bowl of fruit. That way you can still eat what you want and have some fruit or veggies at the same time.


to J - October 11

Frozen grapes are a good treat


karen - October 11

There is some "bad" stuff that still has nutritional value. For example, make a grilled cheese with whole wheat bread. You're getting grains & calcium that way, but it still tastes like fast food. Or eat pizza but get veggie toppings. Or a fruit smoothie--lots of fruit, but tastes like a dessert. As far as fast meals--I love Subway sandwiches b/c you can get fresh veggies and wheat bread, but it still tastes good.


KS - October 12

I craved fruit for the first 13 weeks, and then potato chips and fast food for the next 3 weeks. After that, my body settled down into a more "normal" balanced diet. Hopefully your body will do the same. For fast meals, you might check the frozen dinner section at the store. Most of the meals from WeightWatchers or Lean Cuisine are balanced and relatively healthy, and they only take a few minutes in the microwave.



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