Eating Too Much Sugar

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Jo - November 16

I'm afraid I'm eating too much sugar. I have a weakness for chocolate candy, plus from what I've been reading, a lot of normal food I may be eating may contain added sugars as well. Can eating too much sugar harm my baby?


nameless - November 16

I can't stop eating sugar either. I don't know if it's because I used to be on the Zone and hardly ate sugar, but now I crave it every afternoon. I don't think it will harm the baby per se, but it'll make us fat.. I am 20 weeks and already up 15 lbs!


r - November 16

yes eating to much sugar can harm you baby you can have a very large baby and that can cause problems please talk to your doctor about the risks I do not want to scare you or anything but I have had gestational diebetes in all 3 of my pregnancy's so I have done research on this subject and it could lead to what I have as well good luck


Tasha - November 16

Have a piece of candy everyday, little piece to curb your craving so that you dont binge! And that little bit wont hurt!


to Jo - November 16

My mom had gestational diabetes with me because she ate a bunch of candy on Valetine's Day. If she could eat a lot of candy on one day & it affect the pregnancy, eating it a lot every day could be pretty bad. There are other sweet things that are good for you & baby to eat instead.


just to add - November 16

for all the ladies: Jo's right. Lots of food we eat has added sugars, one of the worst of them being "high fructose corn syrup". It's in juices & cereal & yogurts & the list goes on. The main problem with people ingesting too much sugar is not that they WANT to, but that they are so concerned with checking the fat & calorie & carb content of what they're eating, they don't see the most important thing: the INGREDIENT list. So many of us are ingesting artificial this & that, tons of sugar & salt & partially hydrogenated oils, & nasty food coloring without knowing it! I've learned to read ingredients, research what some of these weird words manufacturers include on labels mean. We eat so many preservatives over a lifetime that we don't really need embalming fluid when we die. That's disgusting! I encourage you to ignore the list above the ingredients for the most part (not completely though). I've pretty much ignored it for the past three years, and I've never had a problem with putting on weight. But I sure have felt better in my body overall from not eating [email protected]! Good luck to all!


zoe - November 17

Ladies. gestational diabetes is not caused by eating too much sugar! Normal pregnancy causes hormonal changes in your body that cause resistance to insulin utilization. Thus, you have higher levels of blood sugar, causing your pancreas to have to work harder to increase insulin production. Some women's pancreatic cells are not able to meet the additional needs for insulin, thus resulting in gestational diabetes. This actually only occurs in about 2-3% of pregnant women. While eating large amounts of foods high in sugar are not good for you or the baby and cause extra strain on your pancreas to produce more insulin, it is not the cause of gestational diabetes. Jo, chocolate actually has a lot less sugar than other candies. Just get the bite size pieces and set your mind to eating one or two a day. If you have a major craving one day and eat more, don't stress over it and watch what you eat after that. Just make sure that you are getting everything else you need in your diet and continue taking your prenatals. You should always discuss your concerns with your ob, too. Good luck sweetie!


to Zoe - November 17

The cause of diabetes in general, hence the alarming percentage of child diabetes in the US as of late, IS due to too much sugar additives in our food. It's also due to too many simple carbs, like in fast food for example.


Jo - November 17

Thanks for all the answers. I've been concerned about gestational diabetes, too, and what causes it......and whether I could make it worse! I am really trying to make an effort to stop the chocolate eating! Another thing though, fruit is pretty satisfying to me because it's sweet also, as well as fruit juice. Would it be better to eat lots of fruit and fruit juice rather than candy? Or is there just as much sugar in those too?


kendall - November 17

last sat i went and got my glucose testing done and failed they want it between 65 and 139 mine was at 148 so i have to go back this sat and get the 3 hr done my doc said that if i continue to eat sweets it wont hurt me or the baby regardless


Tess - November 18

If its too much.......then yes it could harm your baby. Try eating a little piece everyday to satisfy your cravings. I dont think that would hurt your baby if you do that. But from what Ive heard.....if you like eating dark chocolates it would make your baby's skin really nice when he/she gets out....Im not sure if thats true or not though...goodluck!


Christi - November 19

Try eating fruits... I know there are natural sugars in it... but it couldnt be nearly as bad as chocolate bars and such. Chocolate also has caffine in it which is not very healthy for the baby either!!!



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