Eating What Ever And Every Thing You Want

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heather - April 23

Just wondering if everyone is following the "perfect pregnancy diet" and should I feel guilty for eating what I want (within means) I dont pig out-but If I want french fries or ice cream Ill eat it. I am 24 weeks and have gained 16 lbs. What do you all think?


PP - April 23

What's wrong with KFC and pork rinds??????? And does that mean that Taco Bell and milk are not the ideal pregnancy diet??????? LOL. Ok so I had lettuce yesterday just to say I had something naturally green this week. And heather your weight gain sounds good very normal.


bump - April 27



Heidi - April 27

I started out my first few weeks on the perfect diet and then morning sickness kicked in and all I craved was junk food and greasy stuff like chips, fast food, pop. After the first trimester my cravings stopped and I try to eat less c___p but I always loved c___p to begin with so I'm kind of screwed. I try my best though! I love McDonalds french fries, taco johns, taco bell, junk, junk, and more junk. I'm getting a little better though. I need to add more fruit and veggies into my diet.


Lynn - April 27

MMMMMMM Taco johns! I ahevn't eaten at one of those in about 15 years. How Yummy that sounds! or a Taco supreme from taco Bell sounds good too... I was eating really well, but then the good old morning sickness kicked in & I started craving everything sugar & Carbs because that's the only thing that helps! I think the most important thing is the protein. You should try to get at least 80 grams preferably 100 grams of protein. That's the one thing that your prenatal vitamins can't give you.. and It's in red meat (tacos), chicken (KFC) and milk producst (ice cream)...


Kelly K - April 27

I guess I've been lucky so far. All I have craved is orange juice, fruit and salads. I've actually lost 3 lbs since I found out I was pregnant.


kh - April 27

i am 16 weeks along and all i want is milk. i have lost 4 pounds since i got pregnant.


Amara - April 28

For my last pregnancy... I did every thing right... eating, wiping out caffeine... etc. and I had a m/c. This time... I have my caffeine (only 8oz a day if any), and eat whatever I want, (except for tuna) and all is great.


Stacey - April 28

This is my first pregnancy. I was not a real little person to begin with and I have already gained 10 pounds and I am 18w4d. I really haven't had wierd cravings, but during the 1st trimester, I was so sick and the only thing I could eat was Mcdonalds nuggets and fries. But I also lost 4 pounds during that time to. I am trying to eat better now. For lunch and supper I will eat reqular type food, but for snacks, I try fruit or carrots



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