Echogenic Foci

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theresa - December 9

Hello Ladies: I went with my daughter, who's 21, for her second US, and everything was great. We found out the s_x, but I really didn't see it, but the tech verified it was a girl. Yipee, I might add. My daughter got dressed, and the tech said she'd be right back. She came back with the doc. and he told us everything looked good, except for the bright spot on her heart. A marker, he called it, for DS. I wanted to cry. He did say that it was a 299/300 chance that it was nothing. Let me tell you, I've never surfed so much on the internet as I have today. And even though everything I read seemed to indicate there wasn't too much to worry about. I can't help it. I think I only got 2 hours sleep last night. This is my first grandchild, and I know I'll love her regardless, but if they really, really can't give you more reassurance, why don't they leave just let sleeping dogs lie. Any thoughts!


April mom - December 10

theresa, I am soo sorry for u and ur daughter..I understand it must be very hard for u and ur daughter to take this unexpected and unwanted news. and I know it is hard to stop browsing about it and thinking about it. But look at it this way. What can you do thinking about it? Your daughter and you also for that matter, do not want to spoil ur health by constantly worrying about it, especially since that is not going to get you anywhere. Just imagine the doctor didnt tell you anything. When the chances are so low, I also think the doctor should have refrained from saying it to you. But if you want, you can talk to your doctor and go in for another ultrasound a few weeks later. What do u think?


Drew - December 10

Hi Theresa. Did they do a nuchal fold measurement? Thats usually the first indicator they look for at the ultrasound. Also she may have had some blood work done called the triple screen? If you go to her doc's appts with her ask the doc about these tests, they may be able to tell a little more. Also, if they are greatly concerned they can do an amnio. I had the same kind of scare with my daughter and it turned out to be nothing. I also said I would love her regardless, however it is just easier to know so you can be prepared. Good, luck to you, your daughter, and her baby girl! I hope everything turns out wonderful for you all!


theresa - December 15

Thanks Drew and April mom. I decided that I'm not gonna worry about it after having read what a lot of the other women have said. She is scheduled for a dr's apptmnt 12/16 and hopefully they'll have some answers, and yes she had an US to check the nuchal fold. It was fine, so maybe it's nothing. I guess it's wait and see.


Anne - December 19

At my 19 week sonogram the Dr found a 2mm echogenic focus on my boy's heart. To be cautious the Dr. will probably give me at least another sonogram, but she said if there are no other abnormalities detected it is just considered a variance. From what I have read, according to the most recent studies, there is very little correlation with Down's unless other markers are found. Supposedly five to seven percent of normal babies have or had this issue at some point. Check out all the posts under echogenic foci in the "over 35" board and my post at the "complications board." This site has helped me a lot. Babycenter also has some info on the message boards and the net is filled with info. Best of luck to your daughter!! I know what she is going through. I had a meltdown when I got my news even though the Dr. told me it was probably nothing.


kathy - December 20

Hi theresa Im 23 weeks pregnant and i just had a fetal echocardiogram on december 16th bc during the normal 1st ultrasound they thought there was a hole in the baby's heart and when they did the EKG they found these white spots on his heart im going to my OB appointment today and ill see if i can get anymore info i was told that 5-10 percent of all normal pregnancies have these white spots that show up on the baby's heart but in women 35+ it is a big sign of DS im 22 but still scared to death



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