Electing A C Section Your Crazy

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cmfqueens - June 28

Writng this because I have been seeing comments about actually choosing to have a c-section verse va___al delivery! I had a c-section with my first daughter. This was nearly eight years ago, not by choice I pushed my heart out and they tried everything to pull her out but her heart rate started to drop and I had to do it. I swear I have had nothing but problems down there and in there ever since!!!!!!! Now I'm pregnant with my second and Doc is making me have a c-section I'm furious!!!! I want to have this baby normal. But I have polyps on my cervix and am also missing a large portion of it due to surgery on my cervix about three years after having my first daughter. So I'm a high risk pregnancy going to doc's every two weeks, I'm 22 weeks. And I think electing to just have a c-section is insane!!!! I was in so much pain afterwards that I could not even bathe myself or barley hold the baby, for a good two weeks or so. Plus they had me so doped up it was just a big nightmare. I know everybody has a different experience but I just had to share my thoughts. Now I'm a nervous wreck having to have this done yet again. I begged Doc for a vbac and he said it was way to dangerous. I have heard that actually having a planned one can be worse then having an emergency one? Has anyone had a similar situation and can tell me what a planned one is like? Cause I'm scared!!!!!!!!! :(


HannahBaby - June 28

everyone is different. i worked on a maternity floor and saw some women that would not get out of bed for 5 days, then there were some that were out of bed and walking around 12 hours later. Some women want to be able to plan their delivery and do not want to go through the uncertainty of labor and delivery. I think you may feel negatively about elective csections because you dont have a choice. Your forced to have a csection. You will be fine honey


Aviendha416 - June 28

Sounds like your first c-section was a hack n slash job. My mom had a c-section with me and never had any problems. This was nearly 30 years ago.


Cabbie - June 29

Hi, I just had my third section. My first was due to a breech baby and the other two were repeats. While I never would have choses a section for my first birth, I have had three great planned sections. I am four weeks out of my last section and never took anything strong than ibuprofen after they took my IV out. My first was easy as far as no contractions and just went in on the day of the planned section and had my baby. I was out two days later. With my second, my water broke two days before my planned section so we did it when my water broke. I was out two days later. With my third, I went into labor a week before my scheduled section and we did it that night. I was out about 60 hours later. This will be the end for me as I had my tubes tied. I hope for you to have a wonderful experience this time.


voilet06 - June 29

although i havn;t had a c-section i have recently read an article that women are now choosing to have a c-section instead of v____al! it was called too posh to push! i think that alot of women who don;t have medical reason to get a C/S done (ei breech or other issues) mostly want it done becuase of all the natural things that happen down there after giving birth! i am afraid that i will stretch and not go back to my regualr size down there and then my intimate life will change! I still want a v____al birth and wouldn't feel less a women if i had to get a c/s - i hope this helps you a bit - i know it must be scarey going into something you have been through before and not had a good experience! like hannah said though everyone is differnet and i;m sure every c/s for the same women can be different- it might not be as bad as you think afterwards! my prayer are for you and i hope that the anxiety goes down- my advise would be to talk to your dr about all your fears! if you can;t talk to your dr about it then call someone who is in the medical field ! or see if you can talk to another dr about it - one who you can trust!


snugglybugglys - June 29

Maybe it was different 8 years ago? As far as keeping you doped up and whatever. I unfortunately have to have c-sections also, but mine have all gone fine. Every c-section is different, even with the same people. My first was fine, I was released a day early from the hospital, felt great after about 4 weeks. My second I had to stay an extra day due to high blood pressure, but felt great after 2 weeks. My 3rd, I was released in the typical 3 days, and felt fine, but took about 8 weeks to feel normal again. I wasn't doped up the whole time. I would have to page the nurse if I started having pain. And I was able to talk with my dr about not having such a high dose of pain meds. The only time I was truly doped up was right after because they put ummm...I can't remember the name of the med. Freakin pregnancy brain loss lol! Well anyway, it's strong, and I was pretty loopy. But anyway, my long post is just pretty much, see if you can talk to your dr, about the things you didn't like about your last c-section, and see what the staff can do to improve it for you. Good luck! and like Hannahbaby said you will be fine. My sister had a c-section 12 years ago, and she said it's different now from when she had hers. So hopefully things will go better for you now. :) sorry so long! :)


Lilu - June 29

Last time you had an emergency c-section so that's why you were so sick. You went thru all the labor and then they had to drug you up fast to get the baby out for your baby's safety. My sil opted to get a c-section the 2nd time around and she did great. It's much better when it's planned and your not all drugged out. Her recovery went very fast, she went back to work at 5 weeks. She's doing great. Try and relax... it will be alot ebtter than the first one.



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