Electric Shocks

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Kimberly - December 7

HI, my name is Kim and I'm 17 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby..Any moms of 4 I would greatly appricate and insight ...The other night I was laying on my bed acutally i was sitting up and all of a sudden i felt this really wierd electic shock type movement? i don't know how to explain it but it was huge i disregarded it until it happened again last nite but this time it wasn't as strong anyone else ever experience this befor?


bry - December 9

I am pregnant with my 2nd child and I had a very strange shock like movement a few weeks ago, actually on thanksgiving, when I was trying to get everything ready, it was strange, and I have not felt anything similar to that before nor since than.


helga - December 13

I'm feeling something like that for the past days. I'm 15 weeks pregnant and I've just started to feel some movement, very very smooth. But I'm also feeling some small electric shocks in the belly, sometimes. I was told that it could be the baby moving, too.


Sophia - January 9

I am 25 weeks preganant, I would agree that it is the baby moving. I feel similar sensations when I move in awkward positions.


kashi - January 10

i have that too.. it's like the baby kicks downwards instead of outwards... feels a little like the funnybone, no?


Jill - January 21

Very strange, I just experienced the same "electric shock" in my belly, and was wondering what the heck it was... I haven't found any answers yet as to what it could be. This is the only site that I have found on the subject. Anyways, I'll write again if I figure out any more. This is also my second pregnancy and I've never experienced this sensation before.


lidia - January 21

thats funny i always get that feeling but i was explaining it diffrent like sudden pops poking out fast as soon as you get up i dont feel my baby move yet i am 14 weeks but this is my 4th and i never felt that before i think i am having twins because i feel it on both sides somtimes and i look like i am 6 months i have not got a u/s and have not seen the doctor yet app.in feb could it just be a large baby?


xx - January 22



M - January 22

when u say electric shock is like a very quick feeling out of nowhere? or like ur stomach jumps real fast???


Jill - January 22

It's defenitely a quick feeling almost like someone just poked you in the stomach, the first time it happened, I asked my husband who was accross the room if he had just poked me in the stomach, which he hadn't. The second time I was sitting down about to stand up and it happened again, this time it felt like a shock that ran through my body... This is my second pregnancy, I am 14 weeks pregnant and have never experienced anything like it before.


lidia - January 22

its kinda wierd we all seem to be around the same time in our pregnancy but our baby is only about 6 to 8 inches long so why am i feeling it on both sides of my belly how long has it been when you felt it for the first time?


Jill - January 23

Actually, I just felt it for the first time two days ago and again last night, but it was much more mild.


julie - February 20

i have had that same feeling. It felt like a twisting pinch in my belly. it happens when im bending half way .



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