Elimination Communication

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llukenjess - March 18

I am curious to know how many have done this hoe many might do this and if you think it's effective.


alirenee86 - March 18

What the heck is elimination communication?


bean - March 18

What age are you talking about? Newborn, infant, or early toddler? You may have more luck asking this Q in the toddler or new baby area. Many have great success at an early age, but you really are tied to a toilet, which limits your ability to enjoy a walk, a trip to the mall, or even the grocery store! But of course to each his/her own. I simply used sign language with my little one and she was completely trained by 14 months. I never did the really early stuff though. For those of you who haven't heard of elimination communication, it's the idea of watching your baby for cues as to when they have to go to the bathroom and having them out of diapers as soon as possible, if ever even using diapers. It works wonders, but it's a lot of work. Then again, when is toilet training NOT a lot of work?


llukenjess - March 19

I am still pregnant...and am just curious maybe i should ask the todder infant care area...


homeworkwithheather - March 19

My sister-in-law is doing it with her 7 month old...they started him at 2 months and he goes in the toilet about 80% of the time. At 6 months he started waking up in the middle of the night signing to use the bathroom. They have even had to pull over on road trips for him to use the bathroom. She has had no issues with diaper rash and uses cloth diapers that she is able to wash at home since she goes through so few. My husband and I are going to try it. It takes ALOT of dedication, and consistency, but we're environmentalists, and it is important to us. A really good book to get is Infant Potty Training : A Gentle and Primeval Method Adapted to Modern Living by Laurie Boucke. Good luck!


LeslieM - March 19

cool...what a geat question...i never heard of it. i will be an at home mom so this sounds like something to research as i will have a little bit more time. hmmmmmm.....


sarah21 - March 19

There is a thread over in Infant Care that is on that very subject.


llukenjess - March 25

Thank you sarah i will go there! :-)



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