Embarassing Moments Anyone Else

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ChrisTINA - September 30

The "more pregnant" I get... the slower my brain seems to be working. At 16 weeks... I've made a new name for myself. I started a new job... I live 45 minutes away.... I took the wrong exit and ended up being an hour and 1/2 late on my first day. My boss got a kick out of it. Another time... I was sitting in church. I decided to visit the church that I grew up in as a child. During the first 10 minutes I felt my stomache bubbling and realized gas was building... there was no way my big butt was going to be able to squeeze out of the aisle. Right in the middle of prayer, the loudest-smelliest fart exploded out of me. There were people snickering... and others who were quite annoyed by it. I, on the other hand, wanted to crawl in a hole and die.


jb - September 30

LOL!! Sorry your story is funny. I would be mortified too. There is a word for how scatter brained we are when preg " baby brain". I used my husbands toothbrush the other day instead of mine. He just laughed at me. I have really been losing my mind lately.


Ann - September 30

My boyfriend and I were watching the news one night and they were talking about "the state of Illinois", I looked at my boyfriend and blurted out... "what a dumb-a__s!!! Illinois isn't a state...!" My boyfriend looked at me and said "Baby, what is it then?" My college degree bearing b___t replyed " a city in Indiana" After realizing what I had just said... I wanted to die. I felt like a pot-head... my boyfriend still hasn't let me live that one down.


Elizabeth - September 30

The worst for me is when I'm at work and a customer asks me a question... I find myself going to answer them but as soon as I open my mouth I forget what they asked. I seriously look like a complete ditz at work. I'm sure people feel sorry for me.


lizzy - October 2

Gosh I am glad to not be alone. I am afraid to open my mouth somedays! I was filling out an online form and it had me put my dob then it showed I was 27....So I went back bcuz I thought I was 26 but I reentered and got the same thing. So I thought oh I'm stupid why did i think i was 26! So i was telling that story to my sil (plus a whole group of friends) that I thought I was 26 and she said you are 26....The form was telling me that I would be 27 when I gave birth! I felt sooo stupid! this is just one of many idiotic things that come out of my mouth!


ChrisTINA - October 2

I did something else stupid this morning. At my place of employment I had two girls come to my desk and ask me where the closest Starbucks was. I didn't have any idea, so I looked in the phonebook for them... I dialed the number and got a motel.... I was so confused... I asked the man answering the phone... " you have a starbucks located inside the motel?" he said "noooo... I think you dialed the wrong number this is the Stardust Motel". I thought the girls at the desk were going to die laughing at me. The Stardust isn't the best of motels.... its was funny, I felt so stupid.


Amber - October 2

Last night I was out to dinner, I asked my close friend if i could try a bite of her steak. No problems, I tried it, decided that i didnt like it, and then put the remainder back on her plate! As if it was no big deal. She then looked at me and laughed, "Why did you put that chewed up food on my plate?" I was so embara__sed. I would NEVER do anything like that, and i really cant believe that i am sharing it:)


KLC - October 3

I went to drop my daughter off at daycare the other day and parked the car on a little incline. Got out took her into her cla__s and when I went out to the car to put it in reverse and back out I realized that I had never put the stupid thing in park it was still in drive!!!!!


Tracy - October 4

Well last night my husband went to the refrigerator and came back into the living room and asked me why the phone was in the fridge, the milk was in the freezer and the popsicles were sitting in the sink. I told him that's where the baby wanted everything!!!! LOL He just laughed!!!!


nancy - October 4

These stories are great! I am glad I'm not the only one having problems forming correct sentences. The other night I told my husband I was a "one woman man" and yesterday I said that you should never "sleep a waking baby". The funny thing is that it sounds correct in my head when I say it- it is just the look and laughter of my family that shows it is wrong!


Tracy2 - October 4

These stories are so funny!!! I posted this on another site, but I will share. I was running some quick errands for my son's party before I went to the place to set up. WELL if forgot how to get to the indoor putt putt place!!!! I had to call my sister, brother-in-law, and a friend before I actually found it!!! Then instead of parking next to the door so it would be easier to carry everything in I park in a space and walk through the course 100 times!!! I know my son thinks mommy is crazy!!!


TCM - October 4

Besides having to ask my boss the same question every week (at first 'cos I forgot I had asked at all, later 'cos I forgot the answer every week, and more recently 'cos I cant find the stupid piece of paper where I wrote the answer down to remind myself!!) I keep forgetting words. We are buying a house and I phoned the lawyer to discuss going through the sale contract and signing it but I forgot the word "Contract" - sounded so silly talking about "those pieces of paper about buying houses"... he had no idea what I was on about.


lol - October 5

I farted in my husbands face as he was giving me oral s_x, then when I went to get a pap smear, I farted from the pressure, right in the doctor's face!


ChrisTINA - October 5

OMG.... the farting thing is soooo funny... sorry.... but those are two of my biggest fears...!!!


ChrisTINA - October 5

Of course horomones are the worst when your pregnant.... Last night my boyfriend and I stood outside arguing... I was crying because I baked him some peanut b___ter cookies and he said they were burnt... I ran outside crying... and we began arguing... he was yelling saying I took his comment too personal that its just a "d__n burnt cookie and the oven was probably to blame".... I preceded to cry and scream at him that I am never going to cook again... after I calmed down I realized that my neighbors... and they're friends were all sitting on their porch listening to me freak out about burnt cookies.


Brandie - October 5

The farting thing is not funny LOL... I did it in front of my boyfriend. We were just standing there having a conversation and I didn't even feel it coming. But it came and he just looked at me, I was so embara__sed I ran out of the room, my face was so red, I had NEVER done that in front of him before. He tried to play it off. But hes not very good at acting.


cee - October 7

Thats hilarious I wish I had a funny story, because these are great.LOL



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