Emma Or Carly Please Help

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stacy - November 27

We are having another girl and our first is named Haley Grace. For this one we like either Emma Clare or Carly Faith. Oh and our last name is Cluck. (awful I know) Oh and mine, my husbands and our daughters names all end in y, we are more partial to Emma but don't know if she would feel left out.


to Stacy - November 27

Emma is pretty, but sooooo common nowadays. Carly seems a lot less common, just as pretty. I think Emma may even be in the top twenty of what people name girls. My name is very common to women around my age, and I'm glad to have a nickname because of it... it's ultra-annoying to be one of so many of the same name. Plus the middle name "Clare" with "Cluck" sounds a little strange. Too many "Cl"s.


stacy - November 27

That's what I thought though with Carly Cluck. Do you think that is too many "C"s.


to Stacy - November 27

Yeah, that too, & obviously people will use her first name more than her middle, but if you're comparing "Clare Cluck" and "Carly Cluck", Carly sounds better. Also, don't know if you like the name Carly as a whole, or would be satisfied with some of the sounds of the name... what I mean is what about names that rhyme with Carly? For example, I knew this really nice girl named Marlee. Something like that?


erin - November 27

I really like Carly. I think Emma is too popular, at least for me.


Angela - November 28

Carly is a beautiful name. And it sounds great with Faith. Also keeps in rythm with Haley Grace.


Lacy - November 28

Hey Stacy! I guess im in the minority...because no matter how popular, I love Emma...Maybe Carly Emma Cluck!


to Stacy - November 29

You probably don't know anyone by that name because it's a recently popular name given to girls... and that means girls under 10 are more likely to have that name than anyone else these days. I think that's part of the reason why some women name their kids common names.



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