Emotional Disaster

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mrs.vegas - January 26

i'm almost 14 weeks, and so far i havn't been very emotional. well today out of the blue i started crying for no reason. then something that was a bit upsetting happened and i couldn't controll myself! normally this type of situation would not bring on tears. so my dad is trying to tell me not to get so upset, and i ripped him a new one! "i'm pregnant, and i'm just gonna cry sometimes! just leave me alone about it!" there were a few choice words in there also, but i thought i'd leave them out. them i started crying on the phone to my husband about our home owner's insurance. (another situation that would not normally bring on tears) and he couldn't understand why i was so upset, and i hung up on him! why is it so hard for men to understand that pregnant woman go through a lot of emotional and hormonal changes? do i have to get my doctor to tell this to my husband for him to understand? it is very frustrating, and i feel like i want to break something!!!! any ideas as to how to get my male family members to lay off?


Tracy88 - January 26

Truthfully, I just shut down. Today happens to be one of those days actually. Instead of saying anything to anybody, I just sit quietly and say nothing at all. It would be funny though if you could get your doc to write a note next time you are there that says to excuse your emotional outbursts, that they are common during pregnancy and require patience and understanding from the opposite s_x! Really though, when you are feeling more balanced, I would call your dad back and talk to your husband and say that just like their hormones make them feel certain ways, ours do the same thing during pregnancy, only we tend to be emotional and get a sense of feeling overwhelmed. So, if you act like that again, you would appreciate it if they could try to understand better that part of what you are feeling is uncontrollable. Maybe now that they know what you are talking about, they can better identify it next time and say to you, I'm sorry you are feeling so bad, maybe we can talk about this later. Anyway, just a thought. Good luck, I hope you feel better shortly. I am going to wallow in silence now.


babymakes5 - January 26

Good one, Tracy, love the doc's note idea! We all need one today. It's been that kind of day for quite a few of us. Not sure what it is-blue Friday? Hope you feel better, but Tracy is right, I think telling them that this is going to happen on occasion will help. Hopefully they won't hold it against you. Maybe you could print out some of these emotional threads as proof? Good luck and hope you feel better!


mrs.vegas - January 26

thanks guys! i appreciate that! i too love the dr. note and i think i might just request that! and maybe i should get some info off the internet and tape it all around the house, like in the fridge and inside cab. doors. maybe under the toilet lid! okay, that might be taking it too far... but i will take both of your advice! thanks for the laugh too! and hope you guys feel better also!


Allisonc79 - January 27

I know what you mean. I am in the middle of trying to buy a house, get married, college, and of course prepare for baby. You just have to roll with the punches, and cry if you have to. I just try to keep a sense of humor about it, because after all pregnancy hormones are funny. Itleast you recognize it is mostly hormones, and that it won't be around forever, and soon you will be you again.


suze42 - January 27

Oh, I've had a few of those kind of days! Last Sunday you would have thought the world was coming to an end...Poor DH...I think hes best off avoiding me as much as possible when Im like that. I did read that when the cloud lifts and you start to feel better, not to forget DH and how he rolled w/the punches...so be extra nice to him once you feel more like yourself...and he will forget how crazy you were.


mrs.vegas - January 29

i hope i feel "normal" soon. and this is probably the hormones talking too, but i don't think my husband gets it! i printed out a whole bunch of stuff that stated this is a very common symptom of pregnancy. he read it and seemed to get it then. i don't know. this might just be the hormones, but i feel like he is trying to get attention from me. he stayed home sick today, which he very rarely does, but i don't think he's actually sick! he yelled at me yesturday because the house was a mess. " i know you're pregnant, and depressed, and tired, and emotional, but i'm sick of the house being a mess" so i cleaned all day yesturday. then all of the sudden he doesn't feel good and expects me to take care of him. well i don't think so buddy! i don't know, maybe i'm just crazy!



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