Emotional Wreck

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ezwaggy - July 3

Anyone else crying constantly? I was lucky enough to make it through my first tri without morning sickness - I thought it must be SO hard to work through it. Well I'm having trouble anyway because lately I'm an emotional wreck . It makes it really hard to concentrate at work. I'm so busy too and as I fall behind I just get more stressed out. Anyone else need to vent?


babybird - July 4

I feel your pain. I cry over EVERYTHING! This is my third pregnancy and I never cried this much with the first 2. I know that I'm being ridiculous and crying over things that just don't matter but I just can't stop the tears from flowing. Today I cried cuz my dh wanted Burger King and I didn't but I didn't want to tell him I wanted something else! I'm just hoping that maybe it will get better with time and my hormones level off some. Good luck to you. I hope it gets better for you too.


Bluespace86 - July 5

Me too...I find the people I work with often irritating and I get so angry and depressed at work. It got really bad one time and I ran to the bathroom and locked the door and cried and whined to my fiance about how much I hated where I worked. I want to quit so bad but I can't afford to and everyday there is like hell to me. Also whenever me and my fiance get into a fight I can't control the tears XD


mandee25 - July 5

Bluespace86....boy do I feel the same way about work as you do. I really hate it but I cannot afford to quit or to look for work elsewhere. It is mostly the people I work with that causes the problems.


ezwaggy - July 7

Lol! That's funny you say that about co-workers. I told my husband he's so lucky b/c the guy I carpool with gets to experience all the b___h in me. i can't help it - he's been rubbing me the wrong way and when it's his turn to drive, he drives 55 the whole way - no joke! I live in California so that's about 25 miles under the speedlimit.



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