Emotionally Cracked

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Heidi - May 13

Okay, I'm 17 wks and some things just set me off. I find myself wanting to watch sad movies like Terms of Endearment, one of my favorites, and sad music. Right now I'm at work and the Carpenter's "Rainy Days and Mondays Always Gets Me Down" is playing and I love it but yet want to bawl! WTF!!!!!!!! Ha ha! Am I cracking up or what?


Amara - May 13

*chuckling* HORMONES... I've found myself angry and hormocidal at a lot of things lately... my tolerance has dropped to zero, and people are just getting on my nerves... I think I would much rather be crying at the sad movies than my current state.. :P


Heidi - May 13

Oh, my nerves are shot also. I have zero tolerance for anyone right now. My fiance pushes my b___tons to no end and I'm about ready to punch him!


J - May 13

Don't worry ladies, I was about to beat my husband the other night...we went to bed and he was breathing so loud that I couldn't get to sleep. But, he made me laugh hysterically when I told him he was breathing too loud and he said oh, sorry, I'll stop breathing. One extreme to the other! It's nuts!!! Wonder what I'll be like during labor and delivery!


Brandi - May 13

Oh, yeah Im a real joy to be around, everyone annoys me and I hate my job but cant quit.


Kimber - May 13

J, that is hilarious! My husband breathes really loud, too (I don't know if I would quite call it "snoring"). I got so mad at him the other night he swears my head spun around like the Exorcist girl. Needless to say, his b___t's been on the couch for the last 3 nights. Hey, a pregnant girl needs her sleep! Oh, and Heidi, you're perfectly normal, hon. I find myself bawling at commercials now.


Mama Crow - May 13

I find myself bawling at all the edifying, friendly, uplifting chats within pregnancy forums.


T's_Mom - May 14

Amara - I am with you. I am so irritable lately, which is so unusual for me. I normally am so level headed. I just want to be alone, and not be around anyone. How long will this last for? I have been feeling this way for about two weeks now... GL to us all :).


Jodie - May 15

I have well and truely cracked emotionally. I have just spent the last hour crying my eyes out, but i think its with good reason. My fiances mother sent a package from new zealand but sent it to our old address, and australia post has been no help trying to track it, it has his birth certificate in it and we cant get married with out it, so im just gonna sit here crying about the fact im never gonna get married :(


Heidi - May 16

Jodi, can you get a copy of a new one? I know how you feel. This weekend was a bad one for me. I found myself tearing up anytime my fiance got irritated. We're trying to get our windows stained so the flooring can be put in and it was freezing this weekend and I didn't want to do any of it and we were back and forth at each other and then when he left for a few hours yesterday I started bawling cus he didn't say bye! WTF!!!!! He doesn't know if I'm coming or going. I'm surprised he hasn't up and left me yet. I just want to be alone too. My sister calls and wants me to come over all the time and I'd rather just stay home and mope or sleep.



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