End Of 2nd Trimester Weight Gain

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SuzieQ - June 23

I was curious how much weight you are all gaining towards the end of the second trimester? I am 25 wks and have gained a whopping 18 lbs! At my last month's doc appt. I had gained 11lbs and was surprised to see I had gained 7 lbs in a month. Doc says I probably just had a growth spurt and not to worry, baby is measuring wonderful.


venus_in_scorpio - June 23

HEH... Ive gained approximately 15-17 pounds and im only 18 weeks but I just saw my doctor in a social setting recently and she said i look good and not to worry... i thought that was too much weight for 18 week. I think baby (an therefore moms belly) has a growth spurt at the end of the second trimester that continues thru month 8. 18 lbs is good because you peobably wont go over the recommended gain. good for you! :o)


Erin333 - June 23

I wouldn't worry about it too much. The same thing happened to me. When I was 20 weeks I had only gained 10 pounds. Then at my 24 week apt I was up to 17 pounds. I was soo shocked that I had gained 7 pounds in one month, especially since I was excersing and I didnt feel that big. However, I only gained 2 pounds from week 24 to 30. I was terrified that I was going to gain 7 pounds each month and would gain 100 pounds by the time I had her. I think it really is just a Big growth spurt from week 20 to 25.


HannahBaby - June 23

I have gained 7lbs so far in my pregnancy. I am 24 weeks


jenrodel - June 23

At my last appointment (just about 24 weeks) I had gained 10 lbs. I am 25 weeks now, and have my nxt apt. in 3 weeks. My Dr. said the weight gain would probably increase for the next couple of months.


sa__sifras - June 23

i am also 25 weeks and I have gained 9 poundsas of my last drs appt. I go in again on the 6th of July.


squished - June 23

I'm almost 21w and I've gained 3. I lost 5 in the first three months, so overall I'm -2 pounds and for some reason am not gaining weight like I should. My dr. said that I should be at 10 pounds gained right now. What do you guys think?


lexa - June 23

I am also 25 weeks along and I've gained 5 pounds total. At my last appt (21 weeks) I was at 7 pounds and for some reason, I lost 2 pounds from that appt to this one. Doc wasn't too happy but said I should be averaging 1 pound a week now. I say if the doctor isn't worried, I wouldn't worry either:-) As long as mom and baby are healthy!


SuzieQ - June 24

wow - I thought more women would've gained more weight too! guess I'm wrong!


mandee25 - June 24

I am 19 weeks pregnant and I have gained 22 lbs so far.


squished - June 25

I'm sure that the weight is coming for all of us....it just comes at different times :)



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