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hannah - July 15

I live in Manhattan and need to be smart/creative on what I get - things that have mulitple uses. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions/opinions on the neccessities, like stroller v. bjourn v. slinge; boucers v. swings; toys. Also what are the furniture must haves besides a crib?


christa0120 - July 15

a swing is a must, as is a bouncy seat (cheap one is fine, they grow out of them quickly) I personally liked the baby bjorn carrier over the sling. Maybe invest in a hip carrier when baby is older. The one thing I can not live without is a wagon! But that is when they are a bit older. It is so nice to have for all those outings that you will be doing ( I am not sure how "city" friendly it may be tho)


olivia - July 15

We got a little portable swing we could lift and carry or fold (it folds under the bed). But we didn't need it until she was about 2 months and even then she didn't use it for very long. I also loved the baby bjorn. Other than that, a bouncy chair or something to sit in is nice, so you can at least put the baby somewhere when you go the bathroom or shower. So I say crib, some sort of chair (we had baby papasan vibrating chair), and baby bjorn are the must haves. We also have a stroller for longer walks, and when they get bigger the carrying gets tough on your back. But the carriers work for at least 3-4 months on their own. They are much easier than manuvering a stroller. Don't even think about a changing table or anything, and unless you're b___stfeeding, the diaper pails don't work well in small spaces. Good luck!


hannah - July 17

these are great, thanks. any opinion on a baby monitor apt is pretty small about 1,000 sq. open space and don't feel like it would be necessary, but not sure. Also have you heard of this noise maker that plays white noise, like the ocean, when the baby cries?...wondering who sells it.


Lilu - July 18

I think babies r us sells them or look for it online. yeah if your limited to space, I would get the portable swing as well. All you need besides the crib is a dresser and you just put the changing pad on top of the dresser. This will save you on space. Thenyou can either get a book shelve or just hang up shelves for books and stuffed animals, depending on how much space you have.


olivia - July 18

You won't need a monitor. We did little hammocks in across room corners for the stuffed animals and things. They work out well and hold a lot of stuff. The white noise maker is a good idea too.



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