Ewcm During Pregnancy Need Help

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kay101 - December 9

This is going to be a little tmi but I'm nervous and don't know if I should be concerned. My husband and I had s_x maybe a couple hours ago and I noticed afterwards that my discharge was very very VERY slighly pinkish/tanish tinged. I don't know if maybe I got scratched with a fingernail (even though his nails are cut) during foreplay or if maybe my cervix got a little irritated during s_x so I've just been keeping an eye on it. Just now I've had a couple little strands of what looks like egg white cervical mucus so I'm worrying myself it might be part of my mucus plug. They were clear and stingy. I'm 15 weeks by the way.


renaye - December 9

far out ~ well in not to sure what to say to you im 22 weeks but i know after i have s_x it kinda stings and then get i irritated and i just stay on the bad with my legs wide open becouse it is to painfull to close them.After i have a shower it is not that bad i dont know what might be wrong with you sorry about that i hope it gets better


HeatherIsHopeful - December 9

hey Kay... Im not really sure whats wrong as there could be many possibilities but I do know that a little bleeding is perfectly normal after s_x at almost any point during pregnancy, keep an eye on it and if it gets worse or doesn't go away tomorrow, call your doctor :) you should be fine.


kay101 - December 9

I know you can spot after s_x, but this isn't even spotting. It's just the discharge is really lighly (and I mean really lightly) pink tinged and I've noticed what look like little strands of mucus and I know you aren't supposed to start losing your mucus plug this early. It really looks like ewcm but obviously I'm not ovulating lol so I was just wondering if you can still get that type of cervical mucus during pregnancy.


ShoppingForTwo - December 10

RENAYE- the same happens to me after s_x! I hate it! It happened with my last pregnancy so I figured there was a good chance of it happening this pregnancy and 10w4d it hit me like a ton of rocks! I have to jump in the bath right after or I will be uncomfortable for an hour or two. I really don't know what causes this! I think a condom will help a bit. . . I'm not sure.



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