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Misty - April 10

I gained fat in the first trimester because I didn't feel good so I layed around all the time. I mostly want to tighten up the muscles in my stomach. (I also heard it makes delivering the baby easier) I wondered would it be safe to do sit-ups now and go running? Also what other types of things could I do to try to tighten my abs? I want a good looking belly through my pregnancy. Would love to still be able to go to the pool or the beach or wear cute maternity shirts without feeling self concious about the way I look.


Misty - April 11

Anybody? I am going to go nuts here, don't want to call my doctor to ask her and I don't see her in person until May. Pleeeeeeease.


Christine - April 12

Hi Misty: I was one of the lucky ones; have managed to skip the nausea and stay active since day one, despite extreme fatigue. I am no doctor, but I've read that stomach exercises were not recommended during pregnancy. I'd been running about 5-6 miles almost every day for 18 mths when I got pregnant, so my doc said it was fine to keep it up as long as I felt comfortable but not to start any new activities that I wasn't doing pre-pregnancy. Also, he said not to engage in any activities where I was lying on my back such as situps, or that involved twisting movements, such as shovelling. I am now 25 weeks, and continue to do about 3 miles a day, though I now alternate walking and running based on how I am feeling that day (i.e. some days 30-minute straight run, some days I alternate 3 min. walking, 3 min. walk, 3 min. walking, 5 min. run, etc.). Whatever you can do without overexhausing yourself should be fine. I have found that the activity definitely decreases discomfort, i.e. numbness in legs, and cuts down on leg cramps at night. I have also heard that being physically fit makes delivery easier. Hope this helps.


Camie - April 12

I was not active in the first trimester either due to nausea and extreme fatigue. I am now 17 weeks and feel great. So I have been walking 3-4 miles a day with my husband for about a little over a month. I heard situps are okay in the first trimester but not during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. I couldn't even do a sit up if I wanted to cause I am definately showing!!! and loving it. You cand do leg lifts laying on your side to keep your love handles down, but your really not supposed to even lay on your back for very long because it cuts off the blood supply to the baby so no situps. Since you didn't run during the first trimester that was 13 weeks of not running so I don't think it would be wise to start running again. Personally I wouldn't do it, but walking will make you feel great. I was a runner too but just don't feel comfortable doing while I'm pregnant, especially after not doing anything during the first trimester. You are able to lift 5-10lbs weight also to keep your arms toned, but you have to do all the lifting while your sitting either on a chair or I use an exercise ball. And if you have any questions about anything you don't have to wait until your next appt. Call the doctor's office and ask the receptionist or nurse. they will answer you or ask the doc for you. Believe me I understand what your talking about when you want to feel comfortable at the beach, I am going to Florida April 22nd and am not really looking forward to seeing my new body in a swimsuit--showing belly and bigger legs and b___t.--But ya know what I've decided not to focus on what I look like and just focus on the fact that I have a wonderful, healthy, developing baby growing inside me right now. If your gaining weight I think it is a good sign that things are going well. It's only nine months right? The weight will come back off. If you think you feel good enough to start running again call and ask the doc first to be safe. Congratulations on your pregnancy and God Bless!


Misty - April 12

Thank you ladies. I think I'll do those leg lifts. It is mostly love handles that I worry about right now. The belly isn't just moving forward, it is also moving out to the sides. Hehe. I'll be 7 months before anyone that doesn't know me will say congrats because they will be afraid that maybe I am just a big person. lol. I don't want any confusion on the matter.



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