Exhausted All The Time

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JenniferB - June 9

I am 24 weeks and am so exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open. I was not this tired with my last pregnancy. Is anybody else still experiencing the extreme tired feeling. I thought it was supposed to get better in the second trimester.


mindymay - June 9

thank god i am not the only one. this trimester has been worse than the first. i am 22 weeks. i actually sleep 10-11 hours and then nap a couple times a week.


Jennifer28 - June 9

I'll be 15 wks on Sunday and thought it would ease up a bit by now. You girls aren't doing much to encourage me, either. ;) Have you both been tired thru the entire 2nd trimester? I was REALLY hoping it would ease up a bit...


sophandbob - June 9

My tiredness has got miles better. I was completely unprepared for how tired I would be. God way of preparing us for all the sleepless nights ahead i guess!!


emilymalm - June 9

I'm 22 wks and I'm also tired all of the time. I used to be not much of a napper, but for the last few weeks have taken an hour nap every day. I was feeling pretty good around 13-14 weeks, but energy levels have just gone down.


tndrlvn - June 9

I CAN'T STAY AWAKE......I am 15 wks. and have have been nothing but tired...... i sleep anywhere from 10 12 hrs a day. with a nap......lol I agree Jennifer they are not encouraging us much are they hehehehhe......oh well......it's all worth it in my eyes.... CONGRATS TO YOU MOMS TO BE!!!!!!!!!!


mischelly30 - June 9

I am also 24 weeks and totally exhausted! I keep waiting in vain for it to get better...I have been trying to go to bed earlier to compensate, but it doesn't seem to be helping!


sanjavi77 - June 9

I also get very tired. Just take it easy. May our body signals...I need more rest so sleep.


Taffy - June 10

I still feel quite tired at 22 weeks but my Dr says its because my blood pressure is still dropping. Anytime now my blood pressure should start to go back to normal and my energy levels should increase along with it. At least I hope so.


JenniferB - June 11

I was taking medication for severe vomiting and I thought that was what was making me so tired but I haven't taken it for a week now and I could still sleep all day. I have a two year old though so sleeping is just a dream. I actually day dream about sleeping. How bad is that? lol


mandee25 - June 14

I have to have at least 9 hours of sleep a night to function. I work 40 hours a weeks on my feet all night and I get tired easily. I take naps too and I will be 18 weeks this Friday.


CaliTrish - June 15

I'll be 24 weeks this weekend. First trimester I was tired ALL the time. Now it just comes in spurts. I'm thinking maybe the baby is going through growth spurts at those times. Also, I've become a very light sleeper and wake multiple times throughout the night. So, by the end of the week, I'm getting pretty exhausted.


San_dee - June 15

OMG.. i know how you all feel, ill be 17wks tomorrow, i sleep 9 hours over night, wil about 2 toilet wakings!!! and i have anywhere betweeen 2-4 hour naps a day


Angela M - June 16

I can sympathize too. I'm at 15 weeks and I feel like I'm constantly having to put myself down for a nap. Usually it's a headache or the fact that I'm tired after just eating that puts me into a drowsy state. I sleep off and on for about 8 or 9 hours at night and take about 2 naps during the day ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours each. The advice I've gotten is just to enjoy the rest while you can get it!


amyn - June 16

thank goodness I'm not alone, I'm 23 weeks and this past week I've felt extremly tired. I was really tired in the first trimester but than that subsided to only once in a while. But this past week I didn't know what the heck was going on.. Perhaps it is the baby growing?? Gosh now I'm scared the thrid trimester while be nothing but exhaustion.. ugh.. haa haa


Abigail - June 17

I know how you ladies feel. I'll be 28 weeks next wednesday and have been feeling very tired. I work the night shift from 6pm to 6am. It was never really a problem until now. I get about 7 hours of sleep and by the time I get up, eat, clean the house, and take a shower, I have to come back to work, so I don't get to take naps. I'm hoping to work up until my due date but sometimes I just want to quit so I can sleep and relax. After our babies are born we wont have too much time for that.


AmyF - June 19

I am SO glad I'm not the only one- I am 23w tomorrow and OMG I am SOOOO tired again. I think it's from being uncomfortable sleeping and I'm not going into that deep peaceful sleep. Well girls, looks like the honeymoon is over. I guess it's lack of sleep from here on out. I was reading some other websites and it says it is normal around this time again from leg cramps and just being uncomfortable. If the baby would just LISTEN to me when I ask him to move off my sciatic nerves, then I think I would be okay! :)



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