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lily10 - February 16

For those mom's who are on their second, third, fourth +, baby (or even you first timers with lots of knowledge) what is the one or two products that you would consider a must have and what products if any do you consider useless? Every time I go to the baby store I get so overwhelmed with all the stuff and I want to purchase/register wisely because all this stuff is expensive.


c_baer19 - February 16

Tell me about it! I'm also a first-time mom, and not really sure what exactly I'll need. I mean, I know the basics, but I wish I could have a list from an experienced mom so I could start building my own list based off of that!


javidsgirl - February 16

great idea lily i am a first time mum to and i would love the info


TamaraAngel - February 16

This sure would be helpful... like a bottle warmer? I never heard of such a thing yet all the baby stores have them and i see them on other people's registry's. Do i need a bottle warmer? Does it go in the nursery for night time feedings or does it stay in the kitchen? Is it bad to microwave the bottle to warm it??


lily10 - February 16

I was wondering about the bottle warmers as well becasue my dental hygenist said they are a must have. I plan on b___stfeeding so should I get one of those boppy pillows?


aaaaaaaaaa - February 16

Microwaving kills the good bacteria in b___st milk, and warms it unevenly...


jenshim - February 16

Well, I don't know what items you are talking about, but I know for me the life savers were those snuggly things for the front so I could get house work done. I got so much more done and baby felt so secure being right there with me. Also, a swing. I know those really aren't products, but I can't really think of any products that were a must for me. Good luck!


mommybabyboy21 - February 16

Tamara I worked in a daycare and as a private nanny for over 10 years. You absloutely cannot microwave b___st milk it chemicly changes it, and makes it too thick to come out of the bottle. The government in CA also recomends that you don't microwave because the formula in the middle of the bottle could be boiling but the bottle feels cool...even after you shake it. And you can burn the baby...of course I know lots of people that do it...but they don't make the bottle warm they mostly do it to take the chill off it because it was in the fridge


mommybabyboy21 - February 16

I think with each baby it could be different with some of these products....Like I know baby's that loved this kind of pasifier but not that one...and loved being a carrier, some baby's especially bigger ones didn't like the carriers I think its because it cut off the circulation to their little legs.


lily10 - February 16

That is what I mean Jen and thanks for the advice about the snuggly and swing. Pretty much what were your favorite most practical must have baby items is what I am interested to know about.


kelley - February 16

well ladies.. I am almost 16 weeks with #3 and I have so many things that were so great at one point or another during their first year... it is so hard to say which are the best... but these are definitely some of my all time favorites. If you plan to b___st feed... I would have not made it through some of the late night nursing sessions without my Boppy... and if you are planning on pumping at all the bottle warmer is a must... it is so much faster than trying to warm a bottle under the faucet or on the stove...and the Medela b___st pump was recommended to me by our hospital... so much nicer than the manual one that they sent me home with. The other thing that I love, and both my daughters loved was the bouncer.... "the vibrating chair" as my dh called it... we actually have 2 of them. Sorry if this is to many things... but as I said there is soooo much that is out there... good luck to all.


excited2bemama - February 16

There is a book that helped me called the girlfriends guide to baby gear... its practical and funny


JulieK - February 16

Here is our list.....a baby swing, this worked wonders for our little one......sleepsack.......ours liked to be swaddled so this was ideal and I didn't need to be worried about a blanket ending up over his head.......a really good b___stpump.......baby oil.....good for cradle cap.......and ivory snow detergant......only one that didn't cause ezcema in our little boy.


jen327 - February 16

i found a must have is, good quality b___st pump, they bought a cheap one to save money and after it tore her bbs apart they spent $300 on a good one. A bottle warmer is a must if you want anyone else to feed the baby. It is nice to have DH wake up once in awhile to feed the baby so they can bond, once b___st feeding is esablished. Also a Bumbo is great, once the baby can hold it's head up it is a must have. Also Lamaze makes a play mat that elevates teh baby and lets them use their arms to move, really helps and they like it much more then on their tummys with thier face smashed to the ground. Also a must have it a good sling. I loved mine, even 11 years ago, i carried my son everywhere and had both hands. Also, a swing, the window protectors in the car, probably get one for each window (2 total). I never used the teething gel while my baby was teething. My OB said it was really bad because it numbs the baby's throat and causes them to gag. I used teethers, gotta get those. Also if you want to have someone else feed the baby if you are b___st feeding, wait about 5 weeks so you can get a good pattern. But once you are ready get LOTS of different bottles. Don't invest in the ones you like because they are cute, you will waste money. Buy 1 of maybe 5 different kinds and different nipples. You can try each one to find one that works best with your baby and your nipple. Also, I would do this with the pacifier. I bought a pacifer that I loved, and was just oh so cute. Well my son did not like it. So we ran to the gift store in the hospital and thank gosh he liked that one. But I had 5 pacifiers I did not need. Also, about a week or so before your due date, I would cook about 5 dishes, ca__seroles and things that you can freeze. That way for the first couple of days after the baby is born and you are home you can have nice homemade meals just warmed up. People will bring food for a bit, but it never lasts long enough. As for lotion, I found BUTT PASTE is the best. Yeap it is called b___t paste. Now for my favorite, I love the baby nightgowns. even for a boy, they are unis_x. they are great to have the baby in because their legs stay warm and cozy but when it is time to change just pop them out. Oh, and did I mention a good bath for the tub!!! Ok, hope that is helpful. Oh and get a good laundry detergent and wash everything before you put your baby in it. It will give them a rash otherwise.


wrightofway - February 16

Don't bother with the change table! Its a complete waste. Its awkward to change the baby since he / she will lie infront of you... you will find it easier to change him while standing at his feet. We used our bed, or the floor. Never ONCE changed him on the change table. PLUS... its wooden, hard and cold... even with the padding underneath (which you then have to change a TON in the early stages, especially with a boy!)... Seriously. It looks nice... but you'll only use it for storage. We DID like the change table option that folded over on the pack and play... and used that (good up to 15lbs -- so about 5 / 6 months in our case). DO buy a nipple / ring dishwasher holder. Excellent! Didn't plan on bottle feeding, ended up having to ... and this has been the MOST used item since DS was born! Don't stock up on newborn clothes. They only fit for about a month or 2 -- maybe 3. And by the time he outgrows them... the seasons may have already changed... meaning you need different items anyhow! Plus... you get a TON of clothes for shower gifts :) DON"T buy baby powder! It gets where it shouldn't, and causes infections... nasty,.. instead... vaseline is a good barrier (especially useful for first poops -which sticks like tar without it!).


wrightofway - February 16

do not rush out and get a b___st pump! You can use one at the hospital if needed... and then go from there. We bought a $300 hospital grade one... and turned out I couldn't use it 3 weeks later. True medical insufficient milk supply. Better to see how things are going, and spend the $$ later. My friend had a manual one... and loved it... if you are planning to b___st feed... DO BUY lansinoh cream. Its at walmart in the baby section... it SAVES your b___bs... apply after each nursing / pumping session. Amazing stuff! Don't worry too much about diapers... get some newborn ones (loved the swaddlers)... and if you have too many... don't open a package, and return for a bigger size. As long as not opened you can usually return them! FORUMULA: we weren't planning on using it ever.. .but had to. Have at least ONE type in mind... and buy one starter can at least! If you get stuck, and HAVE to use it... it will be available and you won't need to run out at midnight one night to buy it when you're already exhausted! Kids will take well to some formulas and not others... so... a good way to figure it all out... register EVERYWHERE for free formula IE: NESTLE GOOD START -- they send a diaper bag full of goodies and sample formula. As baby gets bigger, they send cereal and other treats. SIMILAC has a sample size formula they send out too. Enfamil / Enfalac has a sample size formula and TONS of coupons they send ... you get the samples and coupons by registering at each of their websites. Very useful!


wrightofway - February 16

Oooo.. have at least 2 or 3 bottles and nipples at home as well... just in case. That way if you formula feed / pump you're again... stocked and not having to rush out at midnight for supplies! OVOL / MYELICON are your best friends! Have at least one or the other on hand for bouts with gas! ga__sy babies are unhappy babies. The package says give to 3 months and up... but pedi told us fine at birth as needed. AMAZING stuff. Active ingredient is simethicone which doesn't pa__s the digestive system. Kills a can of coke in seconds, with one small drop... so amazing stuff! Infant tylenol or equivalent... for inevitable fever or teething. Our DS got first cold at 6 weeks old... this was a lifesaver for his symptoms. Use as well 30 minutes before any immunizations to reduce likelihood of symptoms. 8 weeks is the first required immunization in Ontario. MORE BABY BLANKETS - never enough. Barf cloths, burp cloths, keep baby warm cloths... you think you have enough? Buy 10 or 20 more. LOL. LAUNDRY DETERGENT: we never bothered with baby stuff... just regular tide. Never bothered ds... and keeps clothes clean! stock up ladies... laundry is insane with a newborn! DOVE BABY WASH or equivalent. Easier than fumbling with bar of soap when washing newborns. Babies are wiggly, and slippery when wet. Easier to pump than lather...



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