Experiences With Amniocentesis

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Jeanette - March 31

I am 37 years old with my 2nd pregnancy. Because of my age, I will have an amnio. I am worried about what to expect. Is it painful? How does it feel? If anyone who has had an amnio could let me know, I'd appreciate it! Thank you.


Mrs O - March 31

I'm going APril 7th for my amnio. I have talked with many and they said it feels like a little pinch as they put it in and then after that nothing. They couldn't feel it being removed. They said it was NO big deal. When will you be having this done?


Jeanette - March 31

Not for a couple of months yet. But I'm a worrier and I like to know exactly what I'm in for! Thanks for your response. It helped. Good luck on the 7th!


debbie - March 31

hi i have to make my mind up weather i want an amnio by next tuesday i still have mixed feelings , i have been told by a friend who had one done that it dosnt hurt ,


Heidi - March 31

Why hasn't your doc suggested the nuchal ultrasound at 11-13 weeks? Just curious. Or did you have this done already and now they want to do an amnio? What are they testing for?


L - March 31

Jeanette...Mrs O is right. It just feels like a pinch and the procedure usually lasts no longer than a minute. I close my eyes too...no need or desire to see the needle. I had mine done almost 2 weeks ago (still waiting for the results..they told me no longer than 2 weeks). I also had an amnio with my first child.


Jeanette - March 31

Okay - I feel much better now. I'm going to close my eyes too! The needle will scare me otherwise. Thanks everyone for their input!


Mrs O - March 31

L- why did you have to have an amnio. ? ANy reason? I'm 36 and my blood work didn't come back good so my dr. recommended me having one so we would know forsure if there is a problem. Gosh I hope i don't have to wait 2 wks. that will drive me CRAZY!


L - April 1

Hi Mrs O....I chose to have the amnio mostly bc my age is a factor (I am 40). I did have the bloodwork tests and the nuchal u/s at 12 weeks and they both came back perfect but the amnio produces accuracy and it is what both my husband and I decided we wanted for personal reasons. Should hear from my doctor today after 3pm EST...nervous and excited... :)


L - April 1

Great news from my doctor!...everything came back normal. I feel like I can finally enjoy my pregnancy. All my best to all!


to anyone - April 1

how do they do an amnio?


debbie - April 1

i have been told my results will take 3 weeks but i can pay £60 and have them in 2 days, the procedure is a needle is inserted into your your belly then in to the babies sac to get the amnio fluid this is all done under ultra sound scan.



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