Extreme Exhaustion

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Sarahk - February 28

I know its normal to be tired but this is beyond tired Im exhausted. I mean so tired i feel like I'm going to fall asleep driving! this can't be normal. I have quit my job and finish in 3 weeks because I'm so tired. I think I'm sleeping properly I only wake once or twice but I never go one night without waking. Is anyone else this tired? Is there anything you can sugest to do to help me sleep? any help would be great! btw I'm 13 weeks


Anna - February 28

Hi Sarahka you might need Iron Tablets. That is what I am on and I have loads of energy. You will have to wait until your 14th week before you go on them. Ask you doctor about it but he/she will perscribe them anyway. You will get them over the counter. Best of luck.


britt - February 28

I feel exactly the same way you do. I barely do anything and I need to sit down. I am 18 weeks. When will it end?


C - March 1

It only gets worse!!!


Sara - March 1

Well, Im only 12 weeks, and I was feeling just the way you were @ 6 weeks. I almost fell asleep at work one day, and since my job was an hour away from home, I put my 2 weeks in scared I would fall asleep at the wheel or somthing. So, I went to the local health clinic here and told them about my tiredness. They then checked muh blood, and out of 10.9 mine was 9.5. They then called muh OBGYN and put me on iron tablets. 2 pills everyday. Just go to your doctor, and let them know... :) good luck with everything. x0x0x


Jennifer - March 2

I felt the same way during my first trimester, but now I am in my second and feeling MUCH better!!!! I still get tired early in the evening, but I am fine during the day while at work. I hope it gets better for you!!


Beth - March 2

Jennifer, I to am MUCH better, and at work have more energy, but RIGHT in the middle of making dinner it all hits me and I am ready for bed right then and there, last night I was crawling to bed at 9:00 I was ssooooo tired!!


Stacie - March 3

I am 33 weeks and exhausted, and very ill. I barely keep fluids down and get dizzy standing up. The tiredness I felt in the first trimester is nothing compared to this. I think I would rather have all my teeth pulled with no drugs than keep going on like this.


Franki - March 3

Hi ladies I am 20 weeks and seem to be getting more energy now... but at first I was throwing up constantly and I was exhausted as well... Stacie have you been checked for anemia or other problems? Hope it gets better for everyone!


joann - April 5

I would like to ask i am 6 months i can't keep up,i wont to sleep all day. Working is very hard to do. I have problems eating. should i do some blood work.


Kara - April 5

I had extreme exhaustion in first trimester, still have some now at 16 weeks although it has improved. A good pregnancy multi-vitamin has helped me. And Joann, you should definitely see your doctor and have some blood tests and full check up. Although extreme tiredness is not uncommon, lack of appet_te and not eating is more serious as your baby is doing some SERIOUS growing, and needs you to eat well and look after yourself. And every pregnant woman is different, maybe you can't work while you're pregnant, I know I can't! But see a doctor anyway to be sure. :)


tara - April 5

Hi Joann - A friend of mine had the same problem being overly tierd and they found out that her iron is too low. Iron is one of the few things that the baby takes before the mother so if you are not getting enough one of the side effects is being extreamly tierd. See your doctor about this and start taking iron pills along side your prenatal pills.


rae - April 6

I'm 15 weeks and yes I know what's it like. Today i'm so tired. I think it's normal but you should tell your Doc at your next visit.


Paula - May 24

I felt the same way for about a month or two and then my energy just came back. The doctor said that was all normal. I actually read that a pregnant woman's body is more tired than a healthy person rock climbing! You body is doing SO much work creating your baby that it will be exhausted. It is hard for you to understand because you can't see your body working. But hang in there. My daugther is 12 months old now. Trust me, it will pa__s once the major parts of your baby's body are formed.


Louise - May 24

I was so sick and exhausted in my first trimester that I had to take 5 weeks off of work. Just the thought of getting in my car at that stage was out of the question. My blood work is great and I was on Iron from the prenantal during that sick period. Now at 25 weeks I am feeling much better, but I have insomnia almost everynight and totally crash on my day off. It bothers me how so much advice is given for how to stay at work while you feel SO SICK, instead of taking care of a growing human being in your body. I have read maternity books that suggest sleeping on or under your desk at work. That really infuriates me!!! If you need to lay on the floor under your desk you need to go home. I think you made a great decision to take some time off work. My husband and I are not loaded with money, but if you are having a baby you need to put you and the baby's health first. Good luck with everything.


Maria - May 25

I was the same as most of you. For the first 3 months, I was so exhausted. At work, I would nap on my two coffee breaks, then again on my lunch break. I would get home some days and sleep from 6pm to 7am and when I'd wake up for work, I'd still be tired. I am almost four months and a half and have much more energy. Hopefully it gets better for you all. I though I'd never get over the tiredness, but I did!!


Julie - May 25

Everyone says that it gets better during the second trimester but I am 20 weeks and still as tired as ever!



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