Extreme Pains In Calves

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shelly - October 4

I'm 21 weeks and was just wondering if anyone else is getting charlie horses in your calves while you sleep? I was reading the other day that it might be caused by low calcium, but I get enough calcium. Noone else I know has ever heard of this, have any of you got these extreme pains that wake you up?


kl - October 4

i get them...the doc told me to not walk around bare foot and to wear supportive shoes with good arches, no heals...so i went out and bought a pair of dansko/sanita nursing clogs and a good pair of tennis shoes and that really helps...i also stopped walking around the house barefoot...i hope that helps


Jean - October 4

I have pain in my left calf. I will ask my chiropractor about it. I thought it might be linked to my sciatic nerve which is also troubling me. My answer to everything is yoga.. it helps alot. I stretch right before bed.


Brandie - October 4

YES and it hurts I woke up in my sleep way more than once screaming in pain. Well it got so bad I talked to my Doc., he said that I need my calcium, magnesium, and 30 mins exercise preferrably walking every day. So since you can take tums for heartburn when your prego I bought the ones that are also a calcium supplement and take two of those a day.


Emily B - October 5

that happend to me on my first pregnancy... I'd walk up screaming...the pain was bad! I was told by a friend to eat Bananas! I swear it worked! I was told it was related to pota__sium. I didn't get this with my second pregnancy, but I am starting my 22nd week and the last few nights it has happend to me, not so bad yet..I am off to the grocery store! Also, stretch your legs, calves and feet for 15 min before you go to bed it will help. I hope you aren't allergic to bananas!


Natalie - October 5

yeh, i thought i was getting enough calcium too! agony isnt it. but apparently you may need as much as triple that of a non pregnant person. another indication of calcium defiency is sensitive teeth.


Jamie - October 5

Try taking Oscal as a supplement, that worked for me.


shelly - October 5

Well I talked to the doctor and he said it is low calcium and not enough water. I thought I was drinking enough, but apparantely not. I drank alot of milk and water yesterday, and last night I didn't have any charlie horses, so guees it worked!!


jb - October 5

I was always told it was from not getting enough pota__sium. Before i was preg if i had this problem I would just eat bananas for a few days and it really helped.


L - October 5

I had that, I increased my water intake too. It seemed to help. I still get calf cramps occa__sionally, I find that if I pull my toes up hard it helps ease them. (Whatever you do DO NOT point your toes!) Isn't being pregnant fun?


Michele - October 5

I had the joy of being woken up be one last night. I had them before I got pregnant but they seem to be more often now.


bec - October 15

I had them badly with my second pregnancy. Only at night and I would wake up screaming. The only thing that helped was to get out of bed and stand up - the pain went straight away. I always ate properly and got plenty of excercise, so who knows what caused them with me. Good luck!!!



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