Extreme Weight Loss And Low Hemaglobin HELP

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Mandy1984 - June 16

Ok, I was wondering if anyone could help me out, prehaps you or someone you know has had a similar problem.... I am almost 24 weeks pregnant and lost a lot of weight in the first Tri.. I then gained 3lbs back but have since lost a further 6lbs. I am 5ft 7 in height and now weigh 101lbs. Also my iron (hemaglobin) level keeps dropping. It should be between 12-18 and 4 weeks ago it was 9.7... I was told to take double iron which is the max I can take as I was already taking double so I now take 4 sachets of liquid iron per day.. I had my Big scan almost 2 weeks ago and had blood drawn again, my iron level was 8.7... The Doc is questioning my diet but I have a perfectly healthy diet.. I had blood drawn again last week after I recieved an iron injection in my butt, the Doc was hoping it would be around 9 but instead its dropped again to 8.2.... Once I hit 14 weeks I have been able to eat and tolerate most foods, Other than my belly I have never looked so 'skinny'... I eat 3 meeals per day and snacl in between.. This is my 4 th pregnancy and have never had the problem of 'losing weight'.... For the last 3 days I have been unable to eat ANYTHING, my body feels like its shaking from the inside out, I feel dizzy and my vision is not blurry as such but when i close my eyes then open them it takes about 10 seconds before everything stops being 'fuzzy'... Other than the last 3 days I have been eating very well... The Doc seems to think its my fault, poor diet ect.. but I can't stress enough i have a GREAT mixed diet.... I don't know what else to do :(


olivia - June 16

I think you need a new Doc! I'd get a second opinion and make sure there is not something serious causing this. It sounds like something is going on in your system and it may have nothing to do with your pregnancy. Get a second opinion and more bloodwork. You want to find a doc that is investigating other causes of anemia, not just pregnancy and diet. You shouldn't have to feel so bad and your doc shouldn't be making it worse!


mindymay - June 17

i agree with olivia. get another opinion. maybe see a endocrinologist. they study the inside body. like people with diabetes, and other immue disease type things. keep us updated and god bless


Mandy1984 - June 17

hey, I wrote that post at approx. 11.30pm last night and so I tried to eat a plate full of beans and a slice of bread... I guess I did feel a little better after but then from 3.30am I vomitted everything until there was only bile left... My partner is making me go to the A&E (ER) department today as this is the 4th day with no food and feeling terrible... Thanks for your kind words and I am beginning to thing maybe it is time for a new doctor


mindymay - June 17

my prayers are with you always. if you want to write me, my e mail is mindy@mayvillefamily.com


olivia - June 17

Sorry you feel so bad Mandy! I am thinking of you and your little one. Let us know how you make out.


Micky - June 18

Mandy..if I am not mistaken, weren't you diagnosed with lupus ? I thought I had read that in one of your earleir posts unless that was some other Mandy...Yes..you need a new doctor...If infact you have lupus, may be that is causing it...Take care...hope you feel better..


Taffy - June 19

Mandy, I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. First change your Dr. I also wondered if anyone has told that you need vitamin C as well so you can absorb the iron? Secondly, calcium will slow absorption of iron so don't take your supplements with milk. I hope this might be of some help to you. Good luck.


Mandy1984 - June 19

hey all I had an overnight stay in hospital and now I feel GREAT. I recieved a blood transfusion and my HB (iron) is now at 10.8 which is still on the lower side but BOY do I feel much better.... Hey Micky, yea I am being treated for Lupus with Anti-inflamatories and Anti-biotics throughout my pregnancy after a postive ANA and my Lupus test came back boarder line positive.... I also take anticoagulant due to having a blood clot in the past so Doctors were suddenly worried that prehaps I was bleeding inside somewhere causing my HB to drop but my scans were all clear so The pregnancy is being blamed (finially not me :) I finially feel pregnant insead of ILL, This forum really is a blessing and I'm gratful for all your responses: OLIVIA MINDYMAY MICKY TAFFY thankyou for responding... p.s my site is www.1984mandy1984.piczo.com Take out any dashes that appear THANKS AGAIN


Micky - June 19

Thank God you are fine...I checked several times to see if you have posted....I was beginning to get worried about you...Glad everything went ok..take care and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy..


mindymay - June 19

praise god. how will the lupus effect your pregnancy?


Mandy1984 - June 20

hey, I am not 100% sure on the effects of lupus during pregnacy, I was told I should be fine possbibly with the occasional flare ups. My test came back boarder line positive so I am hoping that its the pregnancy messing up the results... I take heprain injections twice a day to keep my blood thin so that reduces my platelet count to prevent clots....I have had nothing but problems from the start of this pregnancy but baby is fine so I am grateful!! I guess some days I feel more like 52 yrs instead of 22yrs



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