EXTREMELY Nervous At 21 Weeks

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ShellyC - February 19

A couple weeks ago I started feeling the baby kick and a week ago my husband started feeling it. Now, she hardly moves at all. I went to the dr. on Thurs. because I got so nervous and the hb was good and she wasn't very active, but she responded when he pushed and jiggled my stomach. I did feel her yesterday and the day before, but I'm just so nervous now! Has anybody else experienced this...is this normal???


yeah... - February 19

babies are people too-they have busy days and then they have days where they just want to be lazy-I have days where I think my little guy hasn't slept at all-and then others I don't feel him. Its cause they are growing-they have a lot to do while in there and sometimes they play and other times they sleep. It is completely normal.


Toni - February 19

I am at the same stage. Sometimes babies are just facing the inside rather than the outside. Or her busy time could be when you are asleep. As long as you feel her move each day, you should be fine. I think it will improve greatly around 24-25 weeks. But if it makes you feel better, go to the dr for a quick hb check. Hang in there, I am paranoid about that stuff too!


Angie in MI - February 19

Shelly, I'm in my 37th week and I get periods of inactivity every now and then. It started around the 20th week. They are going through huge growth spurts along the way. This won't be the first time this happens. I still get worried, although it happens less frequently now. It is normal. Try to eat food and lay down. If you don't feel more than 5 movements of any kind with in an hour just give your doc a call for rea__surance.


Dia - February 19

Hi Shelly C. I also noticed a LOT of inactivity in my 20th and 21st weeks. The little guy is fine though! Apparently they are going through a growth spurt at this point and sleep a lot. Now that I am almost 24 weeks I feel him at certain times of the day. He already has a little routine set out, so when I feel him at 2 am I know that after he is born that is when I will be up! Not to worry and good luck!!


shannan - February 19

ShellyC, to hopefully make you feel better I didn't even feel my little guy kick until about week 23. Now I am 26 wks and usually feel him only in the evenings when I am relaxing. My best advice would be to drink some OJ, lay on the couch and relax and she may kick. Good luck, I know that its horrible feeling so nervous about it.


ShellyC - February 20

Thanks, ladies. I'm still worried, but it's nice to know that others have gone through the same thing!



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