Extremely Worried About The Baby Movements

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goldfish - November 28

I dont know what to do with this. I have very rarely felt movements in a day. iam 19 weeks from today. the heartbeat is just fine got it checked yesterday. when do the kicks or movement get constant ?.


ROBYN - November 28

Its still early i am 26 weeks and its now more constant i believe 28 weeks is when it should be consistent. Nothing to worry about.


cynthia502 - November 28

Don't worry - it is completely normal not to feel them consistently yet, especially if this is your first. Hearing the wonderful heartbeat should put your mind at ease. Remember, there is still a good amount of room for your little one to roam around. Soon enough, your flutters will be full fledged kicks and you'll know it!! Good luck and enjoy!!!


Stephanie_31 - November 28

I am 22 weeks and I am just now starting to feel things more consistantly and my baby is a mover! I have had 4 u/s and he has been moving constantly for every one of them. I also depends on the location of your placenta. Mine is in the front but kida off center to the right. I feel most of the kicks on my left side and just in the last couple days I have been able to feel the ones on the right.


Rainbowbrite - November 28

I TOTALLY understand your concern but it is completely normal although at 19 weeks i was thinking the same thing!!!! But now i am 24 weeks and i can definately feel when she is moving now.... although i don't think i feel her all the time still i do feel her alot more frequent! But you were just at the dr and everything is fine! (easier said than done) but try to not worry about it!!! Give it a few more weeks and you should be feeling them definately more than you are now! I was told by my own midwife that it isnt a concern until 28 weeks if you're not feeling them as frequently! so even i still got a month to go for that!


beardtl - November 29

I know they say the the baby has sleeping intervals throughout the day but i believe my baby is up for one whole day and sleeps the next. For example- yesterday he/she was up all day moving and today i've felt nothing- he/she must have worn himself out- luckily I have a heartbeat doppler so I checked the heartbeat just to make sure things are okay and..they are- so right now at 19 wks he/she movements are not constant.


Mel Page - November 30

Not to worry Goldfish, you still have a few more weeks before you need to worry, I'm almost 27 weeks and my little girls movements and punches are only now really getting constant. Good Luck hun!!



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