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Kim L - June 6

Okay this is weird and probably completely unrelated to pregnancy. But my right eye won't stop twitching and it's driving me crazy! I'm planning to bring it up at my doctor's appointment later this month, but I'm curious to know if anyone else is having this problem. Could it be hormonal?


cmfqueens - June 6

I have the same thing sometimes... It's so wierd! Your not alone :) but I have no idea what causes it, if you ask Doc let me know what they say!


cmfqueens - June 6

I have heard that pregnancy can have some effect on your vision.


Perl - June 6

Is it your actual eye or your eyelids that are twitching. I've had ongoing problems with my upper eyelid twitching on my right eye and told my Dr who was totally unhelpful. He told me it was stress related (his answer for everything) and nothing he could do. But my chiropractor who agreed it was stress related told me that there was some pressure on one of the nerves at the very top of my neck just that needed to be relieved. He adjusted my neck and in 3 visits which included ma__sage on my neck and scalp, the twitching was gone. Also, I noticed that it happened or got worse if I did not get enough sleep.


cmfqueens - June 6

Mine is my eye lid... thats good info Perl


Kim L - June 6

Thanks girls, glad to know I'm not alone! Maybe it is my eyelid twitching, I don't know, It's never happened to me before! I thought it might be stress-related as well, but I haven't really changed my routine all that much. I've always been busy. Perl that is amazing that your chiropractor was able to fix it. I'm having a ma__sage done later this month, I might mention it to her and see if she can work her magic powers on my neck...


sonyab - June 7

i had abit of eye twitching for a few days, maybe you just need to rest your eyes abit.


Taffy - June 7

I used to suffer that before I was pregnant and I found that it was related to disturbed sleep. So I guess as we all need to pee all night and can't sleep in our favourite positions anymore disturbed sleep could be the culprit. Make sure that your pillow under your head (rather than the one under your belly-lol) is supportive. Good luck.


Kim L - June 8

Thanks Sonya and Taffy. That makes sense about sleep, I think I'll try to aim for more naps and an earlier bed time. I had a terrible night last night, so I'm sure I'll be twitching all day. Sigh...oh well! Anything for baby. :-)


tryingx3 - June 8

Twitching as I read this! :-) Yes, I blame sleep deprivation!!!


amandasue - June 12

I've had the eye twitching as well. I work in a doctors office and he said that its just from lack of sleep, however if it lasts consistantly for 2 weeks, that I may want to have it checked out. I'm 18 weeks along now, and have done better on the sleeping in the last few weeks and haven't had it. It was super annoying, and almost embarrasing because people in the office would point it out, "hey under your eye is STILL twitching"...yea, thanks.


Rebekah B - June 12

I have heard that it has to do with dehydration



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