Eyes Bigger Than Belly

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jessicaspatherapist - January 25

hey ladies :) is anyone else having eyes that are bigger than their belly? i am on a food frenzy the past 2 weeks, all i do is food shop! i haven't eaten all that much more because i start eating and then halfway through i feel like i'll fall over from being so full! then 2 hours later....hungry again! anyone else with me?! i know i'm not overdoing the eating because i've only gained 2 or 3 pounds but the desire to eat is intense!


c_baer19 - January 25

I am hungry right now and I just ate lunch! Lol. I am always hungry - but then, I was almost almost hungry before I was pregnant, too. I'll eat dinner, and then 5-10 minutes later, I'll want something else, even thoguh there's no way I could eat it.


pebblesnbambam - January 25

AH YAH.. I see something on tv.. an ad.. and I immediatly have to have it... it was like the best looking _________ (fill in the blank) ever.. or somone is eating something at work and I can't stop thinking about getting some for me. I found that I am MUCH better off eating smaller portions of food... less heartburn and agony later!


jessicaspatherapist - January 25

pebblesnbambam...commercials are killing me! or if the thought of a particular food pops into my head i'm on a rampage until i get it! i'm gonna try to stick with the smaller portions because sometimes i get reflux and i just keep burping! yuck! and c_baer19, i so no what you mean about wanting something else even though there is no possible way you could eat more food! lol....pregnancy makes me eat like a bear!


squished - January 25

I've been to the grocery store each day for 3 days now. I didn't really have an appet_te the last 2 weeks, but now it has returned with a vengence....I feel like I eat nonstop! And I really, really want breakfast food! yummm


jessicaspatherapist - January 25

i'm so glad i'm not alone in obsessed food shopping Squished! lol



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