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HELP - October 13

I have alot of facial hair, well being pregnant has NOT helped is there something out there that can help the unwanted hair? before I start looken like a man?!? I dont want laser to get ride up it, please any help" I use face bleach and wax but it still is coming back maybe a little worse"!


help - October 13

COME ON out of all these women no one has facial hair!!!


E - October 14

Waxing or using an epilator is your only alternative. I think waxing is the way to go. It should not grow back thicker with that route. Have you asked your doctor about this? Maybe there is some medication to help?


help - October 14

I have always had hair on my upper lip sense I got my first period. And my mother has always had to pluk her chin but never had a problem with her upper lip, but I have waxed for along time and my upper lip still comes back hard and thick, but what I now have is the chin hair so now the only thing to control it is pluk, very hard to deal with when you are suppost to be a women. I hate looken in the mirror and have to deal with this everyday. waxing does not help the chin my hair is to cors. I just thought there was something out there that will help for it never to grow back! WISHFULL THINKEN "


E - October 14

Hey, good news!! Check this out... http://womenshealth.about.com/cs/dermatology/a/fdaapprfachairt.htm


Leisa - October 15

Hi I have Dark facial hair.. mainly my neck and under chin area... (now i have always been slightly hair.. but those hairs have always been blonde) when i fell pregnant with my first child back in 93 i was OMG i have a better beard then my hubby at the time...lol i asked my doc if any thing could be done about it .. he had told me NOT to touch it.... i was lucky cause the day b4 i went into labor it all fell out the same thing happened with my 2nd child in 95.. and now in 04 i have the same thing .. i hope it falls out when i go into labour... My sugestion is LEAVE IT.. see what happens after labour.... sorry for any bad typos....


help - October 15

Well as I said I have had it sense I was younger, when I was pregnant for my first I also got some dark hair on my lower belly doc said it will go away WELL THAT WAS 2 YRS AGO" STILL there! E - THANKS for the web site Great HELP now they have a cream out so I'll talk to my doctor about it! ITS just hard to talk about it as a women.


E - October 15

I don't blame you. I would not feel comfortable with so much facial hair either. I get little hairs above my lip and it drives me nuts. I cannot imagine how you must feel. Good luck. I wish you success!


Miss Preggy - October 16

I get a few hairs on my chin pregnant or not. I started getting them when I started taking the pill. All I do is pluck as I notice them. My best advice to you, is to keep up with the waxing. Some things are just not worth worrying about. Good luck!


E - October 16

Well given that there is now an FDA approved presciption cream to stop facial hair, why wax? Waxing hurts and it has torn my skin off a few times too. Nothing scarier than a woman with scabs above her lip and eyebrows:) Now that is embarrasing b/c everyone knows what happened.


help - October 17

well I'm game for the cream anything to at least slow the process so I dont have to pluk every day" and wax my lip every month!


Cat - October 28

That prescription cream for hair growth is not that great. It can slow the growth but it doesn't stop it cold. You have to use it like 2 times a day for months to have benefit and can never stop using it, It didn't help me much and I have some facial hair on my chin and upper lip from having polycystic ovary disorder with messed up hormones. Waxing or shaving is best. I don't think u can use the cream when you are pregnant anyway. I shave every day and it works great. Many dermotologists recommend it bc its exfoliates and smoothes the facial skin. Lots of celebs do it. It does not make the hair grow back thicker or more of it either. Only hormones can do that. I have found a wax at the drug store called Nads that works great. Most other waxes irritate or cause scabbing but this is an all natural cold wax you spread on at room temp with a spatula pull off with cloth strips and it works great. The redness fades right away with no irritation (and I have the most fragile skin ever!) Since becoming pregnant and going off the bc pill and some medication I took to slow the hair growth my body/face hair has also grown a little thicker and darker. Very annoying! Good luck!


help - October 31

CAT - I can't use nads because it did not work for me it would not pull the hair out of my chin. I have very corse hair and all I do is pluk? My mom as the same problem but hers is starting to go away, because of age I geuss, thats what she said. Well I realy dont want to wait that long! I found this product called finaly Free" its twezzers but it send electisity and killes the roots they also have pads for big areas its like 100.00 bucks but if it will take it away for good and know pain I'm willing to try it? FinallyFree.com


Cat - November 1

You aren't supposed to do anything with electricity while preganant. My facialist has a mils electrical charged wand she puts on your face to kill bacteria after doing a facial and she won't do it on pregnant women. No laser hair removal or electrolysis during pregnancy either. Best to leave that till after you have your baby...


E - November 1

Nads is the name of a wax? Doesn't that mean "b___s"? Yeah I am sick but it makes me laugh when I see this thread:)


p - January 21

ur probally having a boy, women that grow facial hair, faster growing nails and rapid body hair tend to have a boy.


A - June 10

Hey there, Over the past year I have started noticing my hair on my face has gotten more thicker. Mainly it is blonde, but its bothering me, on my chin, I get these black hairs. What is causing this all of a sudden? What does it mean? Its freaking me out a little cause like I said it just started getting longer over the past year or so. Someone help me, am I half man??



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