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Carah - October 21

I am due in Feb. 06 and we are having a boy however I want to name him (his middle name) after my dad. I am worried my mother in law will get upset that I am not naming the baby after any part of my father in law's name. Is that a dumb thing to be worried about? Should I name the baby after both to be fair?


kr - October 21

You'll be fine. I felt better with the rational that my baby would have my husband's last name and would share something with my FIL.


Lisa - October 21

I named my daughters middle name after my dad..his name is Michael, but I gave her the feminine...Michelle. My husband likes it..


Meghann - October 21

I chose my step dads middle name if it turns out we are having a boy and my dad wasnt mad at all. If they get upset over things like that then they have a problem not you. They should just be happy about the baby even if you name it baby boy.


C. - October 21

I think kr has a brilliant point..The baby will carry your father in law's last name and your dad's first name. That seems very fair and reasonable. If your son doesn't have the same last name as father in law, then you could always say that you will choose a name on their side, for your next child..But really it is all up to you and one else really.


Carah - October 21

Thanks ladies for your responses. I thought the same thing that maybe my father in law would just be happy his lastname is getting pa__sed down. Well we will see what happens but as of now my mother in law tells everybody the first name but won't mention his middle name. Thanks again.


MLS - October 27

who has to be fair? IT'S YOUR BABY!!!!


jen - October 27

carah thats great your givng it both dads names. your dad desearves to have his name pa__sed on as well as the inlaws. after all you woulnt be with out him.... My bf figures hes gets to name this baby.with his family name reality check its both of ours.. .. Also I am going to give it both our last names.. my baby, my choice as well. I personly wouldnt care what anyone else thought..........



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