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karen W. - February 12

I cannot stop farting since I got pregnant. Did this happen to you? Do you have any stories about it? Help me! I can't control it!!


ejmeskan - February 12

Yes, I think it is just a part of pregnancy- some times are worse for me than others. Right now seems to be a particularly bad time!!!!


jen327 - February 12

YES YES YES. OMG I used to always joke my husband farted while he walked sometimes, now I am like a farting machine. I can't help it, it just comes out.....LOTS. My OB said it is just the motabolism slows down and air gets in your tubes.


pueppschen - February 13

if i fart, or rather when i fart, our dog and dh leaves the room.


Kime - February 13

I had that problem for about the first 2 months. But i don't anymore( im 5 months now). But ya it used to pretty horrible, i mean PRETTY HORRIBLE.


c_baer19 - February 13

I think it happens to everyone, this baby wreaks havoc on my poor stomach, haha. I get gas sometimes too, and sometimes it is pretty bad. My poor DH! =)


suze42 - February 13

Thanks for the big chuckle!!!


florinna - February 13

yep, I'm a gross stinky farter too. Some days worse than others, usually when I don't eat as well.


pregnant76 - February 13

Omg, I have never been so gaseous in my whole life. The face my DH gives me sometimes. hehe


michelleodell - February 14

I thought I would die laughing when I seen the t_tle of this question, just simply "Farting." I've got it bad. I'm glad you posted Karen!! I try to not do it when DH is around. When he leaves for work in the am, you would think a tug boat was going through our house!!!!


ophelia73 - February 14

This is the funniest thread I have seen so far!! ;o) I swear I just sat here laughing! Especially the part about the DOG leaving the room!! Thanks for the giggle!


excited2bemama - February 14

I am laughing so hard from this thread that it is causing me to fart. Ahhh...the joys of pregnancy...now my husband and I have compet_tions :)


mrs.vegas - February 15

wow! so glad to find out i'm not the only one clearing rooms!!! the first 3 months were the WORST!!!! those SBD's! i was in Old Navy one day shopping the the clearance section....this other lady was the only other one in the section with me...well i knew it was coming but since they are silent i just let it rippp!!! (not like i could stop it anyway!) and about 30 seconds pa__sed and the other lady gagged!!!! it sounded like she threw up in her mouth actually, and then she left the clearance section!!! i was so embara__sed i left the store!!


javidsgirl - February 15

oh man your post made me blush because i have this problem to lol. does this continue all the way through


Diann - February 15

OMG thanks ladies, with the day i've been having i needed a giggle. and no you're not a lone. it happens to all of us, but some just don't speak of it.


mrs.vegas - February 15

well, i'm not affraid to tell all! lol javidsgirl, the first 3 months the gas was non stop, all day, all night, everyday, now i'm 16 wks and its probably once a week or so! maybe it will gradually decrease as the pregnancy continues, but everyone is different....i just hope i don't hit a hot streak again!


Allisonc79 - February 16

He, he very funny posts. I think that gas leaves along with the m/s. Constipation is now my worse enemy.



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