Fast Pulse Heart Rate

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rainbow - April 12

I've heard that your heart rate can increase in pregnancy. Does this drive anyone crazy? Alot of times I feel like I can feel my heart pounding and my pulse is racing. After I eat certian foods it is really fast and noticible and will last for about 1/2 hour. My Dr. said he has had others say this, but doesn't know whaty causes it.


teresa - April 12

YES, i am the same way.. I can feel it everyone.. legs, arms, hands stomach everything.. it drives me crazy too.. it feels like it is pounding so HARD..


Rachel* - April 12

Yes, me too. If I am sitting on the couch or lying in bed and I shift onto my left side it helps the pounding go away. You might want to try that next time it gets bad.


Lesley Ann - April 13

I am so glad to be reading this because last night I was in bed and my heart started pounding really quickly and I was even a bit short of breath because it was like I had some something physical but I was just lying there. I got nervous so it took a while for it to get a bit slower but it seems to be ok at the moment. My chest is a bit sore now when I take a deep breath. I guess I just got a bit nervous which didn't help matters.


Carol - April 13

I had the same problem last night. I felt as if I had just ran 5 laps around the track.


tara - April 13

I have this too sometimes especially after certain foods - like tea in the evening will get my heart racing like there is no tomorrow. The only way I can calm my self down is with a little bit of meditation, relaxation, and deep breathing. I can also feel my pulse no matter where I put my hand on my body; that feels really wierd too!


Staci - April 17

I have the same thing! And yes, its worse after most meals. And its also worse it I even walk around the block... which I used to be able to do fine. But now I feel winded and my heart pounds after/during the short walk! Anyone else get winded so easily now? I am just abot 17 weeks.


Tarah - April 17

I usually feel it most if I have a bad headache or if I just did something like walking up stairs or cleaning up or something. Sometimes it does get annoying, like when I'm trying to sleep and I feel my pulse in my hands and head and even in my ears! It's gotten better though. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! =)


Allie - April 18

I too have a pounding heart and it really scared me at first. I felt it last week for first time (19wks) - pounding in my head so bad I couldn't sleep. I also had a stomach virus with diarreha. I went to the clinic and the Dr said basically a higher than normal heart rate is perfectly normal - but if you're under the weather at all - it is much worse.


nelly - April 18

I've also had this happen to where I had a hard time breathing and I noticed it only happen when I would have caffine or sugar so all I drink now is water and sometimes decaffineted tea and it helps out alot.


Audrea - April 19

I also feel a very strong pounding in my heart. I am 14 weeks now and this has been going on for several weeks. It freaked me out at first too, but was told that an increasing blood volume affects women differently and drinking and eating things with caffeine could definitely do this as well. I have also felt short of breath but have no idea why. I suppose it is to the increase of the heart and the demands put on it while pregnant.


Maria - April 19

I too experience this rapid throbing heart beat and for a month my cardiologist put me on a heart monitor. At one point I came home and the Dr. was on the phone with my husband waiting for me to arrive because they were receiving heartbeats as fast as 180 beats per minute. Freaked me out. I was told NO Caffeine (not even decaf) and NO chocolate. It has since calmed down quite a bit. I feel it ever so often now, but not like before and it usually happens when I sneak in a cup of tea.


alice - April 26

I'm 26 weeks. My pulse is often very fast too- always way over 100 when resting


Angela - May 2

I am so thankful for this post. My heart has been trying to get out of my chest all day, I thought something was seriously wrong. If I do the smallest amount of housework, it pounds so much that I am afraid that I will faint- exactly how it used to feel in high school when I had to run a mile.


Staci - May 2

yes! me too! after meals its terrible!! My heart pounds and races after I eat or walk up the steps. yikes! I get short of breath a bit too, and lying on my side doesnt help. I also hear it in my ears sometimes. I used to be able to walk around the block without feeling short of breath, but not anymore! A tip for the tea drinker: drink decaf only, it may help a bit at least. I am also thankful for this thread, I was just complaining to my Dr about this as well.. at least we are all going thru it together, I guess... :)


Anastasia - May 4

Yes, me too I am feeling the same way. I am 17 week pregnant and my pulse is always racing and the weird thing is I can also feel my pulse no matter where I place my hand on my body it sure is a weird feeling. I also find I get winded so easily after a five minute walk.


Madelyn - May 5

I too experience these things. I was told on account of the increase of blood (50% more than normal) in your body and the work load of your heart, your pulse is heightened and you will experience shortness of breath - still is very crazy!



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