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karen - October 26

I know everyone goes through the early stages of bloating or showing, but I'm curious how long that stage lasts for most. I started bloating pretty early on, and now at 14 weeks I am running out of clothes. Maternity clothes are huge because I'm not really "showing," so I wonder how long it will take to stop just feeling fat and start feeling pregnant! So in other words, how long after you started showing did it become noticable to everyone else?


shay - October 26

IT take about five months pregnant i'm about 22weeks pregnant so it take time but it happen so fast your belly start growing.


rl - October 26

well let me put it this way I am a small kinda person too and I am 25wks now and just in the last couple of weeks have people been able to tell I am pregnant so you have a few more weeks to go and with me I have only gotten big in my tummy does not look like I have put in on anywhere else


Kerry - October 27

I'm 17 weeks and beginning to show, but at the same time I could just be mistaken for the fat girl who ate all the pies !


Natalie - October 27

im 22 1/2 weeks, and i havent put on any weight or started to show at all. i think everyone is very different, but unfortunately its just something you have to ride out im afriad!


Ashley - October 27

I'm about 23+ weeks and I only started to show in the last couple!!!! Seriously, this belly came from nowhere! Dh is thrilled -he's been waiting for this- but I'm still in shock it happened so fast!!! ;)


Tamara - October 27

I also started to show very early...about 19-20 weeks is when it was really noticable...and my tummy is now (21wks) round and hard and growing steadily. Everyone is different, my mom didn't start showing w/ any of us 3 kids until 6 months. Sometimes you grow alot in end of 1st trimester and start of 2nd and then stand still til the end when you get real plump. Goodluck and enjoy!!


Maggie - October 27

I went into a deli to get a cup of decaf. The lady behind the counter said "I only have regular, but its ok." I said "No its not ok, I'm pregnant." The lady said "Oh I thought you were just fat." I left the store in tears, with my sister threatening the lady. I'm 24 weeks. Later on that day I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and I really do look fat, but if you saw me before I got pregnant you would be able to tell its a baby, and not fat. Don't worry everyone carries differently, and I've designed myself to believe that people will just think I'm fat until I have my baby, and then I can laugh in their faces! If you want to wear maternity clothes now, go one size smaller than you are buying, and remember you'll also wear them for awhile after the baby is born, so its not a waste of money. My Motherhood Maternity jeans are so comfy they will probably stay in the rotation long after the baby is born.


Jean - October 27

People (strangers) started directly asking me when I am due at about 22 weeks. Before that I think it was questionable!


Joanne - October 27

I felt HUGE until I found good clothes. I splurged a little on some Motherhood pants, but the kind with the elastic band all the way around the top are great. I HATE the kind with elastic just in the back - does NOTHING for your rear! Anyway, I get paronoid about looking "fat" and want to just wear a shirt that says "I'm pregnant!" but I know I'll start to show soon. Plus, when I feel like I look good in the clothes I've got, it makes me feel better.


karen - October 28

Thanks, I guess everyone is just different and you never know what's going to happen in there. Maggie, I can't believe someone would say "I thought you were just fat." How ignorant is that! I guess people might just think it's fat, but eventually they'll know!


TO MAGGIE - October 28

I would go back to that cafe and report the idiot who was so rude and insensitive to her manager!!!!! I'm sure you look beautiful.


JiLLy - October 28

Welcome to my world!! I am 13 weeks and feel fat! Exercising has always been an important part of my life and still is. At least 4 days, usually 6, per week I'm still lifting, power, walking and cycling, but still just feel fat! My weight gain is only 2 pounds thusfar, but this fat feeling stinks! Hang in there! We should just relax and enjoy our new life we are making.


Rachel - October 28

I bloated beyond my period bloat before we even found out we were pregnant. At 8 weeks I was rubber banding my pants. At 10 weeks my co-workers all started asking if I was pregnant. At 12 weeks I couldn't take feeling fat any longer and bought some clothes at Motherhood made for what my body is going through. I am 19 weeks now and people are already asking me when I am do. My tummy looks like a basketball is growing straight out the front. I still have my waist when you see me from behind, but when I turn side ways...watch out! LOL


tm - November 2

With my 1st pregnancy I started showing at 6 months. But now with my 2nd, I am 14 weeks and already can't fit into my jeans. Everyone is different, and every pregnancy is different. I'll look skinny some days, but after I eat, I get bloated and look like I swallowed a basketball. I wish I'd just get the roundness and stay there. The in between part is the hardest.



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