Favorite Maternity Clothes

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florinna - February 16

OK, I'm 17 weeks now and although my belly is on the small side, I'm ready to get serious about maternity clothes! I've been using the bella band, it's OK but you can still see a bump where the open button on your pants is. I bought a couple of things at Motherhood Maternity and I was impressed by the stylish clothes and good prices. I bought some American Star maternity jeans there, the salesgirl said they are made by Seven Jeans, but they were only $40 (not $140!) and they are seriously hot! But I warn you they run big...I bought a SMALL and I'm 5'6 138 prepregnancy, curvy figure. So for you tiny girls I'm not sure they'll work. Also bought some adorable summer tops. But bought a dress from Old Navy online and hate it, it's like a mu-mu, not at all flattering. What are your favorite maternity stores? Any suggestions? Thanks!


c_baer19 - February 16

It really depends on your budget - I am a cheapskate when it comes to clothes! I would never spend $100 on jeans, much less ONE top or dress, especially if it'll only last a few months! But if you have a bigger budget, Mimi Maternity has the cutest and most adorable/stylish maternity clothing ever, I love it. It is just a bit out of budget, haha. It's a higher end version of Motherhood, they are related companies, but for me so far, I have done very little maternity shopping, just a pair of khakis, leggings, and a top. I'm going to Old Navy and Target this weekend though, Old Navy seems to have cute maternity clothes and Target was recommended to me by my sister who's had two little ones. =) Other than those, Motherhood!


aliciavr6 - February 16

I just ordered $100 in maternity clothing from gap.com, lots of stuff on sale. Never was a fan of the gap at all, but our options are so limited now.


pregnant76 - February 16

Florinna, I love those jeans too! I tried on so many different pairs of jeans from Old Navy, Mimi's and Pea in a Pod but those fit the best. I think they're so cute. I loved that they were also pet_te size since I'm only 5'1. So far, I'm enjoying Motherhood the most. Not only are their clothes affordable but I think they're pretty stylish too. My husband bought me a pair of jean from Pea in a Pod for almost $200 for Xmas and I ended using the credit at Motherhood and got about 10 new shirts. I do need to check out GAP but the GAPs around me don't carry maternity clothes.


c_baer19 - February 16

Lol pregnant76, you are lucky, my DH would NEVER spend that much on a pair of jeans for me! I'd really love to shop Gap too, but I don't think there's a maternity one near me, either. I'll have to look - there's got to be one somewhere around here!


KristinTone - February 16

Go to gap online I have shopped around on there. It can be difficult though when you cannot try things on...maybe there is a store locater


pregnant76 - February 16

c-baer19, normally my DH would never ever spend that much or would even let me but I guess he heard one of my gf say that it was one of the best piece of maternity clothing and that she strongly recommended it. Oh yeah, I forgot, Target does have some really comfy stuff. I just looked at gap online, they're stuff does look really cute too! I need to find out where there's one by me.


c_baer19 - February 16

Went to Target tonight, not too impressed - the prices are low, but I couldn't find a lot to buy in the first place, ended up with one shirt. The maternity section didn't seem too big though and was mixed with the plus size section, so maybe other Targets are different?


suze42 - February 16

I really like Motherhood best...great prices/cute clothes..good variety. Florinna, I bought American Star jeans too, I LOVE them, wear them every day almost, super comfy and cute cute! My last pg I shopped at Kohls..they didnt have alot, but It was summer and I did fine w/the capris and tops. I was dissapointed in Target, from the aisle it always looks like they have cute stuff..but they only have a few racks.


aliciavr6 - February 17

the Gaps here don't have maternity clothes either. :( I think you have to order online, but the good part is, you can return them at any Gap store, or send them back (free shipping I think) for a refund if they don't fit.


excited2bemama - February 17

For all of you guys trying to find a Gap that carries maternity clothes- Just an FYI- its not in the regular gap store- its in the Baby Gap store.. So look for a baby GAp store- and I agree with Alicia- you can return anything bought online to a store. Motherhood has great clothes and pretty good prices- but there return policy is the WORST- you can't return most items bought on sale and other stuff you have to return within like 9 days....Target doesn't have to much stuff but they do often have clearance- I have got a few maternity shirts for 3-4 dollars there. Old navy is pretty cheap- and again on clearance I have gotten shirts for as low as 1.97...


c_baer19 - February 17

Slightly off topic, but does anyone have any idea for hiding that line the maternity pants (not underbelly ones) cause to show through your shirt? I don't wear baggy clothing, so you can see exactly where the pants hit on my stomach, and I don't like it much, but can't figure out a way to hide it!


jendean00 - February 17

Cbaer, I wear tanks under almost my shirts. I have very large b___st and all maternity shirts seem to have the Pam Anderson cut. I hate the belly panel showing to. I also have a belly sleeve if I am wearing something like a turtle neck that I do not need the tank top. Hope this helps....Oh I bought the belly sleeve at mothehood..its like the bella brand.


BiancaM - February 17

I just got back from GapMaternity and I bought pants on sale for $19.97 really cute!!


lqtoo - February 19

I hate the maternity pants that have the huge belly panel (which is almost all of them), but Gap sells some maternity pants with an inner elastic band on the inside of the waistband that you let out as you grow - they do not look like maternity pants AT ALL. They are great.


ophelia73 - February 19

I like the Target maternity clothes, and excited is right - their clearance sales rock! I like that their shirts are more fitted & don't make me look like I am wearing a tent. Plus right now they have free shipping if you spend $50 or more. Jen - I am large busted too, and can't figure out why all the tops have to give such a liberal view of the twins. Not to mention a lot of the cuter tops with empire type waists don't fit because they are so small in the bust. Do the manufacturers not realize that our b___bs GROW when we get pregnant???? Motherhood has great sales, but don't order online if you can help it, their shipping prices are horrible. It was going to cose almost $9 to ship one pair of jeans, so I just went to the store.


meleg79 - February 20

Maternity wear has most DEFINITELY improved just in the past 5 years or so. With my first I felt all matronly, even in the cutest of maternity clothes. Not to mention the prices!! I shopped at Motherhood Maternity in 2000 and just again recently last weekend and was pleasantly surprised at how cute and fashionable I get to feel for this pregnancy. :) I love the jeans and panties that go UNDER the belly instead of covering it up. So much more comfy! I also spent a lot less this time around. I found many shirts for 20 dollars or less. Target is always great too. I have to say my favorite maternity wear of all right now though is: my sweatpants and big old nighty!! :) At least around the house.



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