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Rio - November 19

Hi girls, does anyone have a fear of their baby coming to early? i am 25 weeks and i fear i could go into labour at anytime.


anita - November 19

i fear the same thing even though i'm having a text book pregnancy so far. i think we're just being paranoid though. one thing that makes me feel better is that i read after 24wks the baby has a chance of survival if born. i'm only 23wks, but comforts me to know that i'm nearing that point. another thing is if you're going to your appts and the dr. says everyting is fine, then it probably is.mi think its natural, especially for first time moms, to worry about their babys.


Christi - November 19

I worry about a lot of things. I am terrified of complications. I just have to take a deep breath and relax... and realize that millions of ladies have gone through pregnancies and labor... and there are millions of premaure babies that are fine!!!


Jaquelyn - November 19

Hello ladies! When I was pregnant the first time, I guess I was naive and the thought didn't even cross my mind until at 26 weeks my water broke and there was no stopping it!!! My 1.6 pound baby girl was born at just over 6 months pregnant!!! She came home when she turned 5 months (2 months really) and is healthy baby despite being such a preemie. What i'm trying to get at is that even if you have your baby now, It has a great chance at surviving, but the chances that you deliver thi soon are slim, even if you go into labor, they can most likely stop the labor unless your water breaks. Good luck and don't worry so much. No I am expecting my second child and I am also scared to death


melissa - November 20

I am with you ladies!! I worry about that too!! I am 26 weeks. I take comfort that with every day that pa__ses, my baby has more and more of a chance of being just fine! Trust me, I dont think there has been anything I HAVENT worrried about! This is my first baby, a girl, and I will be so happy to see her in Feb, when she is due!


elizabeth - November 20

i worries since i found out i was pregnant. like after 12-14 weeks your risk of miscarage goes down, so i was so relieved, then when you make it to 24 weeks your baby had a good chance of living, and when i get there i was like thank you lord, now i am almost 28 weeks and im still very worried. i think i have one of the worst fears of my baby being hurt, like if i bend over will it hurt my baby, or if i bump my stomach would it hurt my baby, or any little thing i do i ask my mom if this will hurt my baby, She says my baby will be just find and try not to worry because that doesnt help. Im still very worried about pre term labor. but im thankfull for everyday that i stay pregnant. good luck girls



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