Fear Of Birth

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mandy - February 23

im 17wks pregnant with my first baby. and i often think about the near future when i give birth and im really scared of the whole situation, and what will happen and mostly im scared that i wont have the power and strength to give birth. does anyone feel the same? is that normal?


Shona - March 3

Hi Mandy - I too and really scared about giving birth. It petrifies me but my sister (who has 3 kids) sais it's easily forgotton about when u have your bundle of joy in your arms afterwards. Good Luck - Shona x


Maleficent - March 3

it's not nearly as bad as you imagine. it's no picnic, but at the end is the biggest reward you'll ever get.


Jennifer - March 3

I think it is normal to be scared, this is my second and I am scared too. You will have the power and strength to give birth, I don't know where it comes from, but it is there!! It is all worth it when it is over and they hand you your new baby!!!


Hayl - March 3

I too think about it all the time and I keep reading about other people's birth experiences even though my midwife told me that everyone is different and there is no way to predict how your going to give birth etc. I know it's going to be painful but at least there are loads of pain relief methods available now and somebody is always at hand if you need help. Like Jennifer says, I think when you go into labour your body just takes over and you get an overwhelming burst of strength and determination.


TARA - April 26



miranda - April 26

truthfully, to those of you that are scared, I thought that morning sickness and the first few days of b___stfeeding were worse than labor. And I didn't have an easy labor. It was painful, but even a 16 hour labor seemed to go fast. Don't worry about it. Your body will do what it needs to do and get you through the whole experience. I'm actually looking forward to it this time.


Katharine - April 29

I think your prepared childbirth cla__s will help. The videos, even though they can be tough to watch, give an accurate depiction of some of the things to expect and make you more prepared. I wasn't scared about my second labor until I went to the childbirth refresher cla__s and watched the video. It freaked me out initially, but after a few days, I feel better about the experience and the refresher on how labor could go. The great thing is that your body takes over and it is a natural thing.


Lissi - April 29

I'm scared to death too. I guess all we can do when it comes to it, is focus on the end result. They say the more relxed you are in labor, the easier and quicker it will be. Easier said than done though isn't it?!


Karen - April 29

Don't you gals worry about it another minute. Sure, what you're afraid of is the "unknown" - but think about it - ALL the people in the world, including yourself, were born right out of your own mama, and all is well. Don't be afraid anymore, this is all a natural process of life and we live during a time when having a baby is safer than ever before. It DOES hurt, no doubt, it's very painful as in pressure like you won't believe, and the cramp of the century, you almost wonder if your back is really your own back doing that to you! But some woman handle it fine, whereas some NEED that epidural. But remember, epidural or not, that baby is coming out! and when it does you're pain is GONE, and there's your bundle, that sweety that's been cooped up in your belly and having to pa__s down a birth ca___l! No wonder they're crying, and then poof, the baby's pain is gone too, and then that journey is over, finished, and a new one is starting! You'll forget that pain so fast it'll seem like yesterday. So don't be scared, look forward to it with open arms.


Sherry - April 30

Mansy I feel the same way I have a lot of people who gave birth a few times and all the stories they tell me I freak out and sometimes start whinnig or even little tears come out I am terrified I sometimes try to get it out of my mind it will be coming up in October, but I always think negative about the birth which isn't cool at all, but it is scary my aunt told me she thought she wanted to jump out of the hospital window. And like everyone says it is a pain you can not describe and no matter what anyone tells you everyone says it hurts unless you get a C section and then in that case you will feel the pain the next day from that so it is kind of weird I don't know what to say, but be strong because I always think about it and can not get past it. I am terified to tell you the truth. But when I am not at work I try to watch a baby story on the learning channel and see how all types of women react in labor. Not to scare you but we all have to know I am freighten if you only knew.........


lisa - May 1

im exactly the same, this is my first and i was scared going for my blood test's i dont know how im going to cope having a baby!


Tara - September 7

Don't be scared sweet heart. I have had 5 kids and im only 28 and its not that bad. Plus their are medicines out their to help u along the way. This will be a memorable exsperience. Dont think about the pain.Think about your baby.....



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